ING Direct USA: Asset or liability for ING Group?

This case is available at The Case Centre with reference no. 113-049-1.

ING Direct USA reinvented banking in the States and in the process rose from a crowd of over 12,000 banks to become one of the 30 largest banks by assets and deposits in the States. Since its inception in 2000, more than 7.7 million Americans have entrusted their savings with ING Direct USA. The company revolutionalised the American retail banking industry with a simple savings bank model, built around the customer. Nevertheless, the company faced a tough period during the financial crisis. What went wrong? Has ING Direct been able to recover?

The case study examines why ING Direct USA had serious financial problems and examines the viability of the company’s business and financial model. Unlike many other organizations, banks not only need to have a sound commercial and organisational model, they also need to have a sound financial model. Banks that do well on the commercial and organisational strategy dimension do not necessarily perform well financially.

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