“It remains quite a challenge to fill vacancies”

Study on the future of recruiting and selection

The world of recruitment and selection is in constant movement. The job market is shrinking day by day and the available candidates are asking different questions compared to the past. Research into new trends in selection and recruitment at Vlerick Business School commissioned by Federgon illustrates the main challenges for the future.

No longer goes without saying

Economic and demographic changes have resulted in the lowest number of suitable candidates ever. “The main aim of our research was to assess in what way recruitment and selection today differ compared to say ten years ago,” explains Jasmijn Verbrigghe, researcher at Vlerick Business School. “We immediately noticed that things don’t go without saying anymore. For companies it has become quite a challenge to find new candidates to fill their vacancies. Since the influx of candidates is so low, the recruitment policy is being given more attention.”

The interview and the brand

It is important for companies to carefully consider who will be in charge of the initial interviews with the selected candidates. “The person in charge of the recruitment and selection process is considered by many candidates as the calling card of the organisation in question,” explains Jasmijn Verbrigghe of Vlerick Business School. “For many candidates their experience during the selection interview determines whether or not they go ahead and decide to work for a certain employer.” Moreover, it is important for a company to build a strong brand reputation. “Because unknown companies and SMEs face an even greater challenge filling vacancies for bottleneck jobs.”


The research shows that the recruitment and selection sector has grown to become a separate field of expertise. Not only as a result of changes on the job market, but also due to the evolution of technology, social media and recruitment channels. The candidates have also changed throughout the years. They have grown into articulate and curious negotiators who ask a myriad of questions about the way of working, the business climate, the conditions and future perspectives in the organisation.

Source: Rekrutering & Selectie: Huidige tendensen en uitdagingen voor morgen (Recruitment & Selection: current trends and future challenges) commissioned by Federgon, the sectoral organisation for all Belgian companies specialising in temping, selection and recruitment. Research conducted by Professor Dirk Buyens and researchers Jasmijn Verbrigghe and Veroniek De Schamphelaere at Vlerick Business School.

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