The Big Picture: Piecing together the puzzle of customer information can uncover a goldmine

Companies prepared to gather multiple fragments of information about those who use their products and services in a bid to identify hidden patterns can add value for customers – and build an unrivalled market position.

Prof Niraj Dawar, Prof Marion Debruyne and research associate Livia Pijakova argue that the key to making this information work is the ability to aggregate data in order for a company to gain a unique perspective that no one else possesses. In “The Big Picture: A new source of competitive advantage”, a research report by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School, they explain how such an overview can help businesses create different types of value for customers, their company and stakeholders, and how to extract these. They demonstrate that this approach puts sustainable downstream competitive advantage within reach of many companies – from US market giants to European small and medium enterprises – and they propose a step-by-step guide to help businesses grasp the opportunity.

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