What is the organisational cost of suppressing our emotions?

These are emotionally intense times for everyone. How we – both individually as well as in organisations – work with our emotions is now more relevant than ever, and has a visible impact on our interactions, resilience and performance. Especially in the virtual world, we find it difficult to do this emotional work. That is why we very often simply choose to suppress emotions – bottle them up and pretend all is under control. But what is the cost of suppressing our emotions? And how can we work better with our emotions in organisations in this period?

Recent research by Professor Smaranda Boroș and collaborators on emotion suppression and support networks has some answers for you. This ‘What is’ video provides a summary of how we can work through emotions in culturally diverse settings and gives some advice on emotion management that is welcome in any setting - particularly in these times.

And remember, words do matter. Re-read that post, message or e-mail before you let it out into the world and do a quick check of the emotional connotation of the words you chose. Because the proverb ‘sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me’ is not always true in this anxiety-pandemic.

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