Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre

Why this Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre?

The path-to-purchase, also known as the customer journey, is high on the agenda of the retail & consumer goods industry. Key reason is the ever growing in-store decision rate of the shopper (i.e. the buying consumer). The in-store decision rate refers to the degree with which shoppers decide on the shop floor what brand and/or product to buy.

As a result, branded goods manufacturers are allocating their resources to shopper marketing, in order to influence the shopper in his in-store decision making. They also invest in "trade marketing", to get the support from their retail customers. That support is needed, as retailers can decide independently what happens on 'their' shop floor.

In today's digital era, the internet is affecting the path-to-purchase dramatically. The growth of e-commerce and online sales is exponential. But dominant customer journey is cross-channel, whereby the shopper is using both online and offline channels.

As a result, the retailers are going through a turmoil. They are confronted with new competitors such as e-commerce pure players, with direct sales by the branded goods manufacturers, with increasing price transparency. On top of that, they are facing heavy investments in cross-channel solutions.

The Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre has always been on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving knowledge domain. As a result, it has an unparalleled expertise on the shopper's path-to-purchase. Already in 1998 the Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre was granted the Mercury award of the Belgian trade association of retailers (Comeos) for its contribution to the industry.

The research centre is being lead by Prof. Gino Van Ossel, one of Europe's leading experts in retail management and shopper marketing.

Objectives of the Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre

The Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre has been established during the early days of trade marketing and shopper marketing. As a result, it has an unparalleled knowledge of the shopper's buying behaviour, including of how it is being affected by the internet.

The Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre is providing both retailers and branded goods manufacturers with these insights. Throughout the years, the scope has been broadened from retail marketing to retail management.

By means of an on-going interaction with leading companies of the retail and consumer goods industries, the Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre wants to strengthen its leading position in Europe as a critical source of academic insights into retail management, shopper marketing & trade marketing. 

Expertise within the Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre

The most important topics on the research agenda of the Retail & Trade Marketing Research Centre are: 

  • Shopping behaviour, shopper research, and path-to-purchase/customer journey 
  • Retail management, retail marketing, with special attention to the retail business model
  • E-commerce, cross-channel & omnichannel management
  • Shopper marketing, pos-communication & marketing on the shop floor (POS – point of sales or point of purchase)
  • Private label & branding
  • Channel management & trade marketing
  • Category management

Knowledge in Action

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