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Without any doubt you are convinced that entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for success in our rapidly changing and competitive world. It is the search for opportunities of decisive importance, followed by an efficient implementation. A healthy mix of entrepreneurs and managers is therefore the basis of the performance of each company. Our goal for people and organisations (and even society) is to strengthen all facets of encouraging entrepreneurship: innovation, risk taking and proactivity.

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Vlerick’s Impulse Centre Growth Management for Medium-Sized Enterprises is a platform for research, dialogue and networking regarding the growth of medium-sized entrepreneurial firms and dynamic entrepreneurship in all its facets. Research takes place through an active association between entrepreneurs and member-companies, Foundation Partners (Ernst & Young and KBC) and the Vlerick Business School through which an open dialogue takes place between all stakeholders (entrepreneurs, professionals and academics). This impulse centre fits within the framework of the strategic mission of the Vlerick Business School, which aims to excel in entrepreneurship.

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In addition to conducting research that contributes to fundamental academic knowledge, our research approach also encompasses practice-based research, which draws upon the findings of core academic knowledge. The possibilities are endless. Customised research, advisory projects carried out by our SME faculty, an in-company project by our students, guidance by our tools, …

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