Centre for Negotiation Intelligence & Dispute Resolution


The Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® & Dispute Resolution focuses on a strategic and systematic approach to negotiation, conflict management and social relations. Unlike the traditional approach used in the compromise model - seeking the solution somewhere in the middle - the focus here is on value creation and to create a win-win situation. We see negotiation as an ongoing process, not something that only occurs on an ad hoc basis. To put this approach into practice, we have developed the corporate NQ® model (Negotiation Intelligence®). This pioneering model that exists nowhere else in the world enables you to anchor this new approach to negotiating in your company and really develop this theory into practice.


Is a lack of cross-pollination preventing your team or business from reaching your goals or taking an innovative, agile approach? Are you frustrated by the current model for social relations? Are you fed up with the bureaucracy and steep costs involved in legal action? You’re not the only one. In spite of the impact of the countless negotiations that take place in your company every day, it is one of the few essential processes that, in most companies, are hardly professionalised at all. As a manager, you spend about 75% of your time negotiating, both internally and externally. How you do it makes all the difference. The negotiation culture and infrastructure you create to do so are just as important.


  • We measure your level of negotiation intelligence and that of your organisation, to further develop corporate NQ®
  • interactive workshops in a learning process that combines academic research with your own case studies
  • practically-oriented research
  • networking and best practices based on the unique NQ® model as a new perspective on negotiation


Professionals and leaders from various departments (finance, supply chain, HR, etc.) and CEOs who:

  • want to be among the front runners
  • want to use negotiation and conflict management as leverage for innovation, efficiency, agility and progress
  • want to negotiate strategically at a business level
  • want to share experiences and best practices relating to negotiation, conflict management and social relations
  • are looking for innovative ideas into the potential of internal and external cooperation

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