Our Negotiation Centre focuses mainly on practically-oriented research that can be immediately adapted to your needs in terms of negotiation, conflict management and social relations.

The Centre for Negotiation Intelligence® & Dispute Resolution offers an answer to three major questions:

  1. How can you strengthen your company’s negotiation potential structurally and strategically to face your current challenges?
  2. How can you arm your organisation better to deal more effectively with conflicts and disputes?
  3. How can collaboration on all levels benefit your organisation, through the development of corporate NQ® 


This pioneering new vision of negotiation has been developed in response to the failure of traditional forms of negotiation. The familiar compromise model usually leads to a solution somewhere in the middle that is not as valuable as you would like. Our trademarked NQ® model focuses on genuine value creation. Corporate NQ® anchors this approach in your organisation. Negotiation occurs every day and has an enormous impact on the top and bottom line of your organisation, as well as on the internal performance, innovation and motivation of your employees. As a company, it is important to move away from ad hoc thinking and to control negotiation in a more strategic, systemic way, in order to create a new negotiation culture and infrastructure.

How does this model work?

Traditional negotiation models are based on knowledge. To that substructure, we have added the foundations ‘skills’ and ‘mindset’. They bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.

Then there are four keys to unlock the model:

Unlocking fixed positions
The first key helps you not just to know (background facts) but to really understand what negotiations and conflicts are all about. Using ‘why’ questions instead of the traditional ‘what’ approach, you gain a better insight into what is on the table and what is not on the table, but must be read between the lines.
Unlocking fixed values
Use your negotiations to consolidate the past or prepare for the future. Innovative ideas and thinking outside the box create openness and leverage for new opportunities and solutions.
Unlocking your safety kit
The goal of negotiating is to make progress. So it is important to reach your objectives, avoid indulging in self-censorship and make sure you don’t hide in your own shadow.
The master key: shaping the game
Merely playing the game is not enough. You need to shape the game. This means rejecting an ad hoc approach in favour of a systemic and strategic method.

NQ® scan

This tool does a thorough analysis of your strengths and points to work on, thus increasing the negotiating intelligence of your team and company.

  • baseline measurement and detection of pitfalls and levers
  • starting up processes to deal with negotiation differently and more effectively
  • NQ® report on you as a manager and your team as a whole
Negotiation Essentials

Negotiation is something we all do, every day, often without even realising. Strangely enough, though, negotiations always tend to succeed or fail along the same lines. In this book by professors Katia Tieleman and Marc Buelens, you will find four keys to making your negotiations more intelligent and increasing your NQ®. You learn to turn any negotiation from a stressful power struggle into an interaction that creates exciting opportunities. Explore the negotiation culture of the future and acquire tools to make your organisation a smart negotiator. The book gives you tips to negotiate differently, to dare to bid higher and to determine your negotiation tactics. It shows you the way to better results for all parties in combination with open relationships that inspire trust. In short, it will turn you into a passionate and competent negotiator who can look back with satisfaction on the results you have achieved.

Discover the book via the publisher's website.

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