Besides insights from academic research, we also offer you practical research with a high degree of relevance for your company. Our research is based on your needs and requirements as a member and is directly applicable to your company.

Currently, we mainly focus on the topics of trust between man and machine, and augmented reality. For 2020 we will diverge our focus towards the impact of autonomous teams and artificial intelligence on the supply chain and on people.
The research within the centre will often be based on analysing your company’s data. This allows us to give you new insights, recommendations and feedback which is customised to your company.  

  • Trust between Man and Machine
    Upholding our progress made on research related to trust, we continue to emerge ourselves and deep-dive in how people interact with technologies and systems in the supply chain. The main question is what determines their trust in these technologies and systems, and how companies should approach these systems in order to create and strengthen trust between all parties.
  • Vulnerability and Resilience on the floor
    In the current rapidly digitising world, the position of the leader is changing. No longer can he/she uphold the archaic dynamics of leadership, where the leader acts from a “know it all” position. By analysing the relevance of both vulnerability and resilience, we give insights on how the leader of the future might want to act and think.
  • Assisted, Augmented, and Virtual Reality
    In our research on AR and VR, we ponder and clarify how these technologies interact with the employees and what impact they have on their tasks and skill set.
  • Autonomous Teams on the floor
    With this topic a probing takes place on the role of autonomous teams on the work floor, and what the impact is of technology on the way these teams works. What role do these teams play in a transforming Industry 4.0 setting? At Vlerick, we are ignited to convert these questions into deployable solutions.
  • Artificial Intelligence
The Digital Leadership Game
This game was developed in 2019 by Professor Stijn Viaene together with our partners Bluecrux, Lineas and OMP. It identifies four different types of leadership activities and lets people experience how to co-operate, how build upon each other’s strengths, and how to overcome the first hurdles of managing this fast-paced industry.

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