New venture hiring: who hires which non-founding executive and when?

Entrepreneurship 2.0 Newsletter #1

Scaling up a venture requires a broad skill set, ranging from building a professional sales team to developing the technology roadmap for the venture, managing the finances and structuring and professionalizing the venture’s human resources – just to name a few. Chances are founders do not necessarily have all these skills and will need to go look for them elsewhere. Hiring executives is one way to bring in missing expertise to fuel the venture’s future growth. Yet, doing so raises many questions such as when is the right time to hire non-founding executives, in what function to hire them and what remuneration package to offer them (incl. cash and equity). With this newsletter, we aim to address these questions and have asked Tom De Kegel, CEO and co-founder of Planet-Eco, to share his thoughts on the topic.

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