Cutting-Edge Research

We turn theory into tangible results thanks to strong academic foundations. Our broad ranging research focuses on developing practically relevant knowledge and tools for managers in the financial services industry.

Some of our current research projects:

  • Effects of interconnectedness in the interbank Market
  • Bank’s credit supply and demand mismatch for SME financing
  • What should be the right capital charge for sovereign debt within Solvency II?
  • What role could bank and insurance companies play in the long-term financing of large infrastructure projects?
  • How to make the transition from a product-centric to a customer-centric business mode?
  • Impact of technological evolutions (Big Data, Mobile Technologies, Social Media, ...) on banking operating models.
  • Building models and organisational capabilities for Big Data in Banking

Boundary-Breaking Events

Mix with thought leaders from all over the world and discuss the latest trends and evolutions in the financial services landscape. Policy in Practice is just one of many events offering opportunities to discuss new paradigms and exchange views with international professionals, policy makers and academics. Parallel with this event, we also release regular working papers on policy and regulation in financial services.

Knowledge in Action

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