Financial Services Policy Papers

In the wake of the financial crisis, the financial sector is facing major regulatory changes. In such a context, the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services aims at developing its expertise towards financial regulation, with a pronounced focus on operational implications for banks and insurance companies. Our Policy Paper Series has 4 objectives:

  • Awareness: In each policy paper, the aim is to identify a critical issue that influences the bottom-line and business models of firms in the financial sector. The policy paper provides an in-depth investigation of the regulatory context related to the chosen issue and analyses how companies may react.
  • Looking forward: The policy papers adopt a forward-looking analysis of the regulatory setting. What is on the regulatory agenda in Europe?  What is sensitive for the financial industry?
  • Adding value: The policy papers place the emphasis on the business responses to specific regulatory issues. The content of these business responses draws from existing areas of expertise within Vlerick (such as IT for example).
  • Critical approach: With respect to new regulatory developments, the idea is to put forward views, assess benefits and drawbacks, and when opportune take position.

We hope that these policy papers will provide you with food for thought. We would appreciate receiving feedback and views as well as ideas for further topics.

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Financial Services Policy Paper Series


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