Benefits for Your Organisation

The benefits for your organisation are numerous!

You Participate in a Sector Specific Knowledge Network
  • MINOZ is sector specific and in that sense unique within Vlerick Business School. Research is exclusively conducted within hospitals. Hence the research is very focused and as a result directly applicable within your own organisation. Moreover, all documentation is available on the MINOZ extranet, so that you can continuously consult it.
  • You’re amongst your peers. This facilitates networking and knowledge exchange, since you know each other’s context. At the same time the workshop teams are often multidisciplinary. Interesting insights arise and mutual understanding through the entire organisation gets enhanced.
Research and Education Combined
  • The research is carried out around a theme. One employee is representing your organisation and is our fixed contact person throughout the entire year. He or she engages to participate actively in the research. Together we conduct research that is relevant for your organisation. Working with a fixed contact person also assures continuity and increases the opportunities for in-depth knowledge creation.
  • MINOZ organises three workshops yearly. Next to the contact person, two other employees of your organisation can participate. You can determine yourself who is most suitable to join which event, based on the specific subject on the agenda. This way multiple people within your organisation can benefit from this learning opportunity.
You Co-determine the Research Agenda
  • Together with you we determine the upcoming year theme. This happens at the yearly Direction Committee. Are you facing operational challenges which are also apparent in other hospitals? Your idea is valuable! We seek consensus amongst all members and fix next year’s research theme.
  • Furthermore, you have a constant opportunity to give shape to the actual research conducted. We discuss the research results in the different workshops and stimulate interaction. Your suggestions are taken into account for the next workshops. You would like to go more in depth on a certain aspect? We can! Your contact person follows this up.
Work Together with Vlerick Experts
  • MINOZ exists since 1997 and is one of the oldest research centres within the Vlerick Business School. The knowledge and experience gathered in those years make Vlerick Business School your preferred partner. Our competences are in both (service) operations management, and in healthcare in its broader context.
  • Also within other management domains Vlerick Business School has gained expertise within the healthcare sector. Get to know our experts on our yearly conference, the Healthcare Management Day, or in our modular course for hospital professionals.
Reap the Benefits of External Visibility
  •  Members and partners enjoy external visibility on events and in press releases and publications of MINOZ. Your logo is also displayed on our website.

Different Formulas Customised to Your Organisation’s Needs

Your hospital wants to become a member of MINOZ? That's possible! MINOZ is a research centre that generates operational knowledge for and in cooperation with hospitals. Every hospital that wants to contribute to applied research and is open for interaction and knowledge transfer can become a member.

You’re not representing a hospital? Then you can only join MINOZ through a Corporate Partnership with Vlerick Business School. You have two possibilities, both entailing an engagement with the school and with MINOZ. As a Prime Foundation Partner you want to structurally contribute to the research centre and you take on a steering role. Additionally, you can join all MINOZ activities and you receive all research results. A Knowledge Partner is entitled to actively participate in all workshops and to receive all research results.

Interested in Joining This Network?

You are interested in joining MINOZ or you would like to ask some questions? Please feel free to contact us! We are happy to provide you with additional information.

Knowledge in Action

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