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At Vlerick we're determined to attract the very best talent from all corners of the world. Which is why we award only a few full scholarships and a limited number of partial scholarships to applicants with an outstanding profile and clear Vlerick Spirit. 

Financing your Masters

Joining a Vlerick programme can be a significant financial investment. But there are many financing options available to help towards your tuition fees – and we’re here to help you explore what types of support you might be eligible for. We process our applications on a rolling basis as of October, for the September intake. If you want to be considered for one of our full scholarships, make sure to submit your application before February.

Academic Excellence Scholarships

  • GMAT/GRE Excellence scholarship: Get an automatic 50% scholarship if you have outstanding GMAT (> 700) or GRE (> 164 quantitative and > 163 verbal) scores. For all Masters programmes
  • Academic Merit scholarship: Provide us with proof of your excellent academic track record and get a scholarship of up to 50%. To qualify for this scholarship, you need study results equal to great or greatest distinction at Bachelors level for Belgian degrees or study results within top 20% of class at Bachelors level for non-Belgian degrees.  For all Masters programmes.

Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

  • Vlerick Outstanding Achievement scholarship: Do you have a proven track record of outstanding achievement in extracurricular activities such as holding a leadership position in an international organisation (eg, being president of a student organisation), winning business or student competitions, combining your studies with professional activities (eg, student-entrepreneur, professional athlete)? Then you might get a scholarship of up to 50%. We also thank Lannoo for awarding a full scholarship in this category to a student with a background in cultural studies. Applicants who fit the criteria will be automatically considered for this full scholarship. For all Masters programmes.

Diversity & Equality Scholarships

  • Women in Finance: Are you a woman with an outstanding academic record who shows leadership potential? If so, and if you pass our admissions test with a great overall performance, you might get a scholarship of up to 70% of the tuition fee. For our Masters in Financial Management programme. Find out more here
  • Women in Science (Exact sciences, Technology, Engineering): Are you a woman with an outstanding academic record in the field of STEM who shows leadership potential? If so – and if you pass the admissions test with a great overall performance – you might get a scholarship of up to 70% of the tuition fee. We thank the Martine & Philippe Van den Poel-Haspeslagh Fund and the Marion Debruyne Fund for sponsoring two full scholarships. Applicants who fit the criteria will automatically be considered for this full scholarship. For our Masters in International Management & Strategy programme and MGM: Business Analytics & AI.
  • OnE Vlerick (Opportunity & Equality) scholarship: We value social diversity and we encourage individual commitment. For this partial scholarship, of up to 50%, you need to either represent diversity (eg, be a first-generation university student, belong to a minority group or an underprivileged community) or actively promote diversity and inclusion, by engaging in long-term initiatives that have a clear social impact. We also thank the Dean's fund for sponsoring 1 full scholarship. Applicants who fit the criteria will be automatically considered for this full scholarship. For all Masters programmes.

Need-based Scholarship

  • Financial need scholarship: This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships. To apply, you will need a realistic financial plan and proof of financial need (previous scholarships or grants). The scholarship allocation and amount are decided on case-by-case basis. We thank Duvel Moortgat and InSites Consulting for sponsoring this scholarship. Applicants who fit the criteria will automatically be considered for this full scholarship.For all Masters programmes.

If you’re planning to apply for a scholarship, make sure you apply early. Please check the application form for full conditions.

women in finance scholarship

“During the year at Vlerick, I gained in-depth knowledge, practical experience, confidence, built a lot of connections and learned so much about business, finance and myself as well. I grew tremendously in terms of professional and personal development. I chose to apply for the Women in Finance Scholarship, because I truly believe in promoting and supporting women in finance leadership roles, which are still greatly dominated by men.”


“Vlerick opened my eyes to a whole world of opportunities. During my Masters year I discovered many possible career paths which I had never imagined before. In the end of the year, I can say I felt confident to pursue not only my old goals, but also the new ones I had developed. I am very glad I could learn more about myself as a professional and that during the journey I got in touch with so many inspiring people that I will hopefully meet once again someday.”


“Perhaps, more than just being able to dissect a business case in such a short period of time or coming up with the right solution, I really valued how Vlerick taught me to handle the pressure, manage my time, and create a good working atmosphere with my colleagues. All these soft skills made me who I am right now: a better leader and a better team player.”

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