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Vlerick Student Entrepreneurship Fund Available

Entrepreneurship is part of the Vlerick DNA. So whether you dream of driving change within an existing organisation – or starting your own business – this programme will give you the tools and creative mindset to spot new business opportunities and bring them to life.

Detailed programme

Our Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship programme runs full-time from early September until the end of June. Classes take place from 9am to 5.30pm and are a dynamic mix of working on real-life business cases, class interaction, company visits and group exercises.

The business world is always changing – and management strategies need to be redefined constantly. This means companies are looking for people who can generate creative ideas, apply frameworks and respond rapidly to this dynamic environment. Our Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship will give you the tools and skills to challenge ideas through practical courses, electives, workshops, bootcamps and our start-up accelerator. 

Get a full overview of all the courses here

At Vlerick, our unique approach blends action learning and personal development.  

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Action learning

From theory to practice 

  • Interactive classes 
  • Pragmatic, multidisciplinary approach 
  • Insightful business simulations 
  • Real-life cases and challenges 

Highlights of the programme include:

  • Silicon Valley Disruption Tour: Discover what made Silicon Valley and the broader San Francisco Bay Area such a hub for new technologies and world-leading companies on this one-week study trip.
  • Deep Dive Challenge: Working with senior management, begin to link management theory and practice by working on challenges from a real-life business case.
  • Start-up Accelerator: Following the lean start-up approach you’ll build your own start-up – using the accelerator and testing all assumptions underpinning your intended business model. You’ll work alone or in a team – with the support of an experienced entrepreneur or investor.
  • Innovation Challenge: Assessing new technologies is a crucial part of the innovation process. In this challenge you’ll evaluate technology, identify the possibilities it offers an organisation and develop a plan to implement it.
  • Company or start-up project: Over two months, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned in a real innovation consultancy project of your choice in a start-up or scale-up – or by launching your own start-up.

Personal development  

Make the leap from student to professional with: 

  • Continuous feedback and coaching 
  • Targeted skill development 
  • Comprehensive career services 
  • Multiple networking opportunities 
  • Personal development portfolio 

Highlights of the programme include: 

  • My Vlerick Development Portfolio: Gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, be challenged to reflect and take actions to improve. 
  • Management Skills Seminar:  Join us for three days off campus to focus on leadership development and the management skills you need for the digital age. 
  • Diversity and inclusion: Understand your own assumptions, biases and preconceived ideas about how the world works – or should work. Discover which behaviours are acceptable, open your mind – and begin to develop a broader world view. 
  • Career Coaching: Stay aligned to current global job market as you gain the skills, insights and instincts to make a difference and explore your true potential. 

See a full overview of all the courses here

Why this programme

  • Gain expert insights into innovative thinking – so you can challenge the status quo within an existing company, or at the head of your own company. 
  • Build a coordinated network of corporate innovators, seasoned entrepreneurs, potential investors and venture capitalists (business angels) and get coaching from them as part of the start-up accelerator.
  • Visit the epicentre of global innovation – and witness the disruptive power of innovation first-hand – during our Silicon Valley Disruption Tour.
  • Discover where your expertise lies and expand career opportunities in corporate innovation and innovation consultancy.
  • Study in Leuven, Europe’s innovation capital, and connect with leading tech-inspired companies and start-ups.
  • Pitch your idea to potential investors and access seed money from the Vlerick Student Entrepreneurship Fund.

Curious to find out what it means to study at Vlerick? Discover what it’s like to study in Belgium – and get practical information on how to organise your stay.

Career benefits


employed within three months after graduation


lands a job in innovation


started their own venture


start-up/scale-up recruiters

Here’s a snapshot of our MIE alumni success in the job market:

Visual Career Benefits Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship EN

Take a look at where our Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship graduates are working:

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Define your career goals and how to match them with the jobs market with the help of: 

  • Practical workshops 
  • Career clubs and competitions 
  • One-to-one coaching 
  • Career and networking events with start-ups and scale-ups  

Take a look at our full career services offer

Who should attend

Are you

  • A recent university graduate with limited or no work experience?
  • Passionate about innovation and a believer in the power of business to change the world?
  • Ready to be an innovative game-changer or start your own business?

Then you’re a perfect fit for a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Vlerick. With a diverse student body from all kinds of backgrounds, you’ll quickly find your classmates share your passion for innovation and ambition to make an impact on society. 

Our recent cohort for the Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship looked like this:


cohort size


average age

Educational background

Visual Student Profile Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - EN

Practical info

Start date: 1 September 2022 
Duration: 10 months (from September until June) 
Location: Leuven 
Application deadline: 

  • Non-European citizens – 30 April 2022 
  • European citizens – 31 June 2022 

Fees and financing

The tuition fee for this Masters programme is €17,900.

This includes:  

  • Silicon Valley Disruption tour (incl. hotel, company visits, travel within the United States) 
  • Three-day Opening Seminar (incl. transport and accommodation) 
  • Company visits 
  • Travel between different campuses for mandatory programme events 
  • One year of full online access to the Financial Times 
  • Textbooks 

The fee does not include the cost of travelling abroad for the Silicon Valley trip, any visa costs or living expenses. You will need to budget approximately €800 for return flights to the USA and visa costs (organised by the student). 

Financing your Masters 

Joining a Vlerick programme can be a significant financial investment. But there are many financing options available to help towards your tuition fees – and we’re here to help you explore what types of support you might be eligible for. Each year, we offer a few full scholarships and several partial scholarships. Make sure to apply before February in order to be considered for a full scholarship.  


  • GMAT/GRE Excellence scholarship:  Get an automatic 50% scholarship if you have outstanding GMAT (> 700) or GRE (> 164 quantitative and > 163 verbal) scores. 
  • Academic Merit scholarship: Provide us with proof of your excellent academic track record and get a scholarship of up to 50%. To qualify for this scholarship, your study results equal to great or greatest distinction at Bachelors level for Belgian degrees or study results within top 20% of class at Bachelors level for non-Belgian degrees. 
  • Vlerick Outstanding Achievement scholarship: Do you have a proven track record of outstanding achievement in extracurricular activities such as holding a leadership position in an international organisation (eg, being president of a student organisation), winning business or student competitions, combining your studies with professional activities (eg, student-entrepreneur, professional athlete)? Then you might get a scholarship of up to 50%.
  • OnE Vlerick (Opportunity & Equality) scholarship: We value social diversity and we encourage individual commitment. For this partial scholarship, of up to 50%, you need to either represent diversity (eg, be a first-generation university student, belong to a minority group or an underprivileged community) or actively promote diversity and inclusion, by engaging in long-term initiatives that have a clear social impact.
  • Financial need scholarship: This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships. To apply, you will need a realistic financial plan and proof of financial need (previous scholarship or grant). The scholarship allocation and amount are decided on case-by-case basis. We thank Duvel Moortgat for sponsoring this specific scholarship.

If you’re planning to apply for a scholarship, make sure you apply early. Please check the application form for full conditions.


You may consider getting a loan to cover your programme fees.  

  • Regular loans: A loan from your bank could cover your tuition fees – get in touch with them for more information.  
  • Prodigy Finance loans: Our partner Prodigy Finance offer loans to international students at the world’s top business schools. These loans could cover up to 100% of your fees, minus any scholarship you may be awarded. Learn more

Paying in instalments  

You can choose to pay your tuition fees in three separate instalments in November, February and April.

If you want to pay by instalments, you need to sign a contract and pay an admin fee of €250.


There are four steps to start your Vlerick journey: 


1. Check your eligibility 

What you need:

  • Candidates studying in Belgium need a Masters degree from a recognised institution. 
  • Candidates from outside Belgium can apply with a Masters degree or a 3 to 4-year Bachelor degree from a recognised institution (there may be additional requirements). 

Our Masters programmes are designed for young graduates, with an average age of 23 and little to no professional experience. Please contact our Admissions team with any questions about eligibility.

2. Submit your application 

We process applications on a rolling basis as of October for the next September intake. Fill out your personal details and upload all necessary documents via our application tool. Students who do not need a visa can apply until the end of June for the September intake, but we advise to apply early to make sure your seat in the programme is guaranteed. If you need a visa to study in Belgium, we recommend you apply by the end of April for the September intake.  

3. Take your admissions test 

There are two elements in your admissions test: 

  • Analytical test – we accept GMAT (minimum 600), GRE (157 verbal and 158 quantitative) or our own in-house test, the Vlerick Business Analytical Test (VBAT) 
  • Motivational interview – this takes place online and assesses the match between you, Vlerick and our programme. It lasts about 30 minutes. During the interview, you will need to demonstrate your insights and affinity for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.   

Check our upcoming admissions tests and start your application. 

Start preparing for your admissions test – discover our tips and tricks

4. Register for the programme 

We’ll let you know within 2-3 days of taking the interview whether you’ve been accepted. You may request feedback regarding your application, regardless of the outcome.

Discover what it’s like to study in Belgium and find out more practical information on how to organise your stay.

Success stories

Elias Maalouli

"After working in Beirut for five years, Elias Maalouli knew he wanted to set up his own business. In 2016 he took the first step on his entrepreneurial journey when he joined the Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship programme. And last year he launched FoundersBei, a co-working space in Beirut." Listen to the podcast with Elias.

Bossaert Arno

"At Vlerick you can really feel the energy and passion that pushes and challenges the students. After five years of engineering studies, I was able to learn a new, more entrepreneurial and value-based way of thinking – and apply it directly during the In-Company Project. The programme helped me adapt to the strategic and entrepreneurial thinking of a young start-up, where a hands-on approach is a general principle."

Lien Van der schueren

"I come from an engineering background. Vlerick really pushed me out of my comfort zone – with courses in finance, accounting and marketing, to name a few. Vlerick brings entrepreneurship alive in every course at all levels. Two especially important soft skills that Vlerick promotes are creativity and networking. I re-discovered what creativity is and how to leverage it in terms of strategy as well as operations. As an entrepreneur, you need to be creative all the time. And the same is true for networking. Vlerick makes every participant the best version of themselves." Read more.


Robin Kleer

Robin Kleer

Professor of Innovation Management

Robin Kleer explores connections between innovation, market structure and business models.