Steve Muylle


Steve Muylle is partner aan Vlerick Business School, voorzitter van de Area Marketing en directeur van de Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing & Sales. Hij won een doctorale beurs bij het Interuniversitair College voor Managementwetenschappen in 1997 en ontving de Best Paper Award op het EUROMA-congres aan INSEAD en op ICCMC aan Warwick Business School. Hij ontving ook verschillende best teacher awards aan Vlerick Business School.


Expert in
Marketing & Sales
B-to-B Marketing (Strategy, Business Model, Value Proposition, Innovation)
Supply Management (strategy, supplier relationships, supplier (open) innovation, supplier selection)
Marketing Strategy
Multichannel marketing


Articles in refereed journals with impact

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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Book Chapters

  • Muylle S. Geeraerts P.  2010. Winning the disruptive technology game: the case of alcatel access network division (AND). In: Silberzahn P. Van Dyck W. The balancing act of innovation (pp. 173-189).

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Conference Presentations

  • Moens M. Muylle S. Goedertier F.  2015. PARIS: Personalized Advertisements Built From Web Sources. Paper presented at EMAC 2015 - 44th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 26-29, Leuven, Belgium.

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Conference Proceedings

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Doctoral dissertation

  • Muylle S.  2000. Electronic commerce and marketing communication in hypermedia computer-mediated environments: Toward a theoretical integration and an empirical understanding. 

Research reports

  • Muylle S. Basu A. Standaert W. Decraene W. Debrabander F. Praet S.  2016. How Can B2B Organizations Engage Consumers through the Use of Digital Technology. Vlerick Business School & Accenture Belux Digital 20/20 Chair.

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Vlerick cases

  • Muylle S. Standaert W.  2017. BNP Paribas Fortis: The "James" Banking Experience. Ivey Case Study. Reference no. 9B17E006 (C) + 8B17E006 (TN).

  • Muylle S. Dawar N.  2015. Rebranding DSM: Creating Sustainable Shared Value. Ivey Case Study. Reference no. 9B15A039 (C) + 8B15A039 (TN).

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Vlerick working papers

  • Basu A. Muylle S. Standaert W.  2015. Engaging Social Media Services to Enhance Online Business Processes. 2015

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