Best result ever for Vlerick students in annual sales competition in the US

Masters in Marketing students Claire Cammaert and Clara Verhoeven have won the second prize at the National Collegiate Sales Competition in Atlanta (US). They had the honour to represent Vlerick Business School in the largest and oldest sales role-play competition in existence, after having become first and second during the Vlerick Sales Competition in January this year. This is the best result ever since Vlerick students participated in this competition for the first time.

Claire Cammaert, Astrid De Wael and Clara Verhoeven

Vlerick professor and sales management  expert Deva Rangarajan is extremely proud of his students: “Every year for the past three years, we have sent two of the winners of our local sales competition to the largest sales competition in the US. This year Claire and Clara have upheld our winning ways by doing better than their predecessors and winning the second prize overall in the Masters category. They did this by overcoming competition from older students with more sales courses and curriculum. This result is very promising for the future development of professional sales education in Belgium.”

For Clara and Claire, participating in the National Collegiate Sales Competition was already their prize for winning the Vlerick Sales Competition. They went there with the thought that they had nothing to lose. But becoming second was beyond their expectations, as explains Clara: “Although we had been preparing for a long time, our objective was 'not to end as the last ones' but this turned out a lot better than expected! Hearing our names during the award ceremony really gave us goose bumps, and also afterwards it took us some time to realise. We were really proud of ourselves, in particular because we were the only European team participating in the Graduate Rounds.”

Their special thanks goes out to researcher Astrid De Wael who accompanied them in the Atlanta. Clara: “American schools were arriving with multiple teams, a back-up team, different coaches and some supporters. You can imagine that Claire and me were a bit overwhelmed by the competition, but our coach Astrid did an outstanding job at reassuring us that we would do great.”

And what about the future? “At first, I wanted to start my career in sales, but as another very interesting opportunity came up I decided to change my tack,” says Clara. “However, I am convinced that I will be able to use the skills I have acquired during both competitions in my future career as well. On top of that, I remain interested in sales and I definitely do not exclude to shift to a sales function when the opportunity arises in the next years.”

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