CANDRIAM becomes a Corporate Partner in the new Centre for Sustainable Finance

  • Partnership will enable CANDRIAM and Vlerick Business School to advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics in sustainable finance.
  • Inaugural research project seeks to develop a framework to improve the mapping of scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions through the use of AI.
  • Reflects CANDRIAM’s continued focus to advance the investment industry’s efforts towards a sustainable and inclusive global economy by partnering with some of the world’s leading academic institutions.

Vlerick Business School and CANDRIAM, a global sustainable and multi-asset focused investment manager with a historic presence in Belgium, announce a partnership to create a Centre for Sustainable Finance. Professor David Veredas will direct the Centre in Brussels.

CANDRIAM, an innovator in applying ESG research to investment decisions, will support and participate in the Centre’s academic research with a focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the use of AI in sustainable finance. The first academic research project will focus on the role of AI in measuring scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions resulting from global economic business activities. The project will aim to map the linkages of scope 3 emissions, leading to a more accurate, consistent and transparent public reporting of corporate value chain emissions.

Scope 3 emissions include all indirect emissions, both upstream and downstream, that occur in the value chain of a company. Emissions along the value chain often contribute most significantly to a company’s greenhouse gas footprint, so it is important that businesses proactively collect and measure their Scope 3 emissions. Assessing scope 3 emissions can also help organisations identify potential energy risks and reveal opportunities to improve supply chain performance.

David Veredas, Professor in Financial Markets at Vlerick Business School, commented: “This partnership is very exciting for us. Sustainability is going to define our society and economy during the next decades. Fundamental political decisions will be taken, like those that are required to implement the EU Green Deal. Yet, many questions remain open that can only be answered with rigorous academic research. That is what we will do with the support of CANDRIAM, a world leader in sustainable investments.”

“We will address the issue of measuring scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. These are indirect emissions of goods and services and represent between 80 to 90% of total emissions. Despite its importance, they are the least understood emissions (as opposed to scope 1 and 2). We will build models based on data analytics and artificial intelligence for improving the measurement of these emissions.”

Wim Van Hyfte, Ph.D., Global Head of ESG Investments and Research, CANDRIAM, said: “CANDRIAM is very proud to extend its academic partnerships to include Vlerick Business School, one of the most renowned business schools in Europe. It is an absolute necessity to support world-class research as well as generate new academic thinking in order to support our transition to a more sustainable world. CANDRIAM is always looking for inputs and data that challenge our ideas and assumptions, and we look forward to building on this legacy together.”

CANDRIAM has collaborated with some of the world’s leading academic institutions to find ways of advancing the investment industries efforts towards a sustainable and inclusive climate recovery. Existing partnerships include: 

  • The London School of Economics (LSE), to develop the Sustainability, Investment, Inclusion and Impact (SI3) initiative, focused on developing research, improve communication and promote the exchange of ideas on climate action that delivers positive social impact.
  • Imperial College London, where CANDRIAM sponsors The Climate Investment Challenge run by the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College Business School. 
  • LUMSA (Italy) where CANDRIAM launched a Master in Management of Sustainable development Goals with Lumsa Università in Rome. 
  • Kedge Business School (France), to create a research chair dedicated to sustainable finance. 
  • UCLouvain (Belgium), to create a research chair dedicated to expanding teaching and research on the circular economy.

CANDRIAM is a European multi-specialist asset manager with a 20-year track record. CANDRIAM manages around EUR 128 billion of assets under management with a team of more than 600 professionals, of which 300 in Brussels. It operates management offices in, Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg and London, and has client representatives in more than 20 countries throughout continental Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Middle East. CANDRIAM offers investment solutions in several key areas: bonds, equities, absolute performance strategies, and asset allocation. CANDRIAM is also a pioneer and leader in sustainable investments with, since 1996, a broad and innovative range covering all its asset classes.
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