Global recognition for case teaching skills of Wouter De Maeseneire

Professor of Corporate Finance Wouter De Maeseneire wins the 2017 Outstanding Case Teacher award. This competition is organised by The Case Centre and recognises an excellent practitioner in the case classroom. The judges agreed that Wouter is an exceptionally gifted and committed teacher. They also noted his previous award-winning cases and his work in mentoring colleagues, plus other accolades including twice receiving the best teacher award at Vlerick.

Wouter De Maeseneire wins Case Centre Award
From left to right: Antoinette Mills (Media and Systems Development Manager, The Case Centre), Richard McCracken (Director, The Case Centre), Wouter De Maeseneire (Professor, Vlerick Business School) and Marion Debruyne (Dean, Vlerick Business School)

The Case Centre’s annual Awards and Competitions recognise outstanding case writers and case teachers from across the globe, and thus help to further raise the profile of the case method. Now in their 27th year, they are considered to be the case method community's annual 'Oscars'. Awards are presented in nine management categories, plus an overall individual winner. In addition to the awards there are five specific competitions: one ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method’ competition, one ‘Case Teaching’ competition, and three ‘Case Writing’ competitions.

Wouter is thrilled about the award and had never dared dream about receiving it. He’s a firm believer of the case method as a powerful teaching tool: “Case teaching is a participant-centred method that allows for a deeper understanding and a more thorough future application of the content that is discussed. It all starts with raising triggering and challenging questions on relevant business topics that initiate reflection and nurture the discussion. Then, by presenting conflicting views, providing new lines of thought, summarizing statements, and making concluding remarks, one creates a learning process in which participants feel very much engaged and appreciated for their class contributions. Another great asset is that case teaching by definition transcends the boundaries of a single management domain, thereby pushing participants to adopt a wider view on typical business problems and offering an integrative learning experience.”

Wouter strongly believes in inspiring participants and involving them: “Of course I can explain the basic concepts and definitions, but since you can find all of this in text books I have limited added value here. It’s my job as a teacher to select the right topics, inspirational examples and cases and consequently provide insights and learnings that stick. Critical questions and reflections are welcome and I also try to relate topics to my participants’ professional background, creating real added value for their companies. Finally, I like to incorporate financial current events such as the Facebook or Alibaba IPO. Illustrating the relevance of what they are learning – both for their careers as well as for society - is very effective in engaging participants.”

About The Case Centre

The Case Centre advances the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. It is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. This growing case method community has over 500 member organisations worldwide.

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