High level of digital maturity leads to better financial performance

New! Summer School for Digital Leaders

“Research published by the MIT Center for Digital Business shows that the higher a company’s level of digital maturity, the better its financial performance is likely to be” quotes Stijn Viaene, Professor in Information Systems Management. “This makes Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership an item to be discussed at board level”, he concludes.

“These days, I get many practical questions from CEOs and senior IT and marketing executives who are asking themselves what digital transformation means for their businesses. How should they start? Where to invest? And where not? How to compare with peers or versus best practices?” says Stijn. “In our brand-new Digital Leadership Summer School programme, we study what digital transformation and digital leadership really means for your business. We’ll inspire and guide you in taking the lead in defining the next phase.”

Three key challenges for Digital Leaders:

  • Understand the digital ecosystem dynamics
  • Run your business as a digital business
  • Lead a new breed of digital talents

All these challenges are tackled during this one-week summer programme which takes place from Monday 25 August to Friday 29 August 2014 at our Brussels campus.

For whom? C-level executives and senior transformation leaders who are or will be digital leaders in their company.

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