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    European storm subsided, but damaged roof still needs fixing

    Date: 21/09/2017
    Category: Opinions
    Although the sky is brightening up, the eurozone is not out of the woods yet – some important weaknesses need to be dealt with before the next potential crisis. Policy reflections on the future of the Eurozone by professor Filip Abraham following a high-level conference.
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    Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship: tested and approved!

    Date: 19/09/2017
    Category: Programme news
    Innovation is vitally important to businesses, more so than ever before. And entrepreneurship is in Vlerick Business School’s DNA. So it is only logical that we also offer a Masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The very first group of students graduated this summer. The second group has just started the course. So it is a good time to meet up with the programme director, Professor Veroniek Collewaert, and evaluate the first year.
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