Launch of the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre

Healthcare is facing severe turmoil: patients are becoming more proactive in their treatment, while budgets are getting tighter. This is what prompted us to involve all the players within the healthcare system. The Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre is due to be launched later this year.

Leo Neels will be presiding the Advisory Board of the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre: "The health sector is the biggest employer in the country, accounting for 1 in 9 jobs. It is an important economic sector, with major pharmaceutical companies, and a very important scientific sector, since Belgian biomedical researchers are among the very best in the world. These elements underpinned the creation of the Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre.

Professor Walter Van Dyck is in charge of developing the academic foundation and the centre’s research projects: “We will focus on management and financing of the hospital sector, business model innovation for life science companies and growth models for biotech and medtech companies. Finally, a stable framework of policy decisions and regulation of clinical studies is also on our agenda, because Belgium is a leading European country in this in this area. After all, these are the strong points of the Belgian health sector, and policy must develop and maintain the right conditions for them.

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