NEW: Vlerick Centre for Supply Chain Excellence

Vlerick has recently founded a Centre for Supply Chain Excellence, which offers companies a unique opportunity to stay in touch with state-of-the-art theory and practice in the field of supply chain management. By working together, companies have access not only to Vlerick faculty and research but also to other supply chain faculty in universities and business schools around the world.

There are multiple ways in which companies can work with the Vlerick Centre for Supply Chain Excellence. First of all, joint research for business projects can result in decision-making tools, benchmark reports, discussion papers or teaching cases that offer new insights both for the School as well as for your company. Secondly, there’s a broad portfolio of educational programmes and networking events, ranging from standard ‘off-the-shelf’ open programmes to tailor-made programmes in supply chain management. Finally, a problem or opportunity in your company can be the subject of an in-company student project, in which a team of MBA or Masters students work full-time for 2 months on a specific project under the supervision of one of the supply chain faculty members.

About the Centres for Excellence

One of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School’s key objectives is to help the business community apply new knowledge. With this in mind, Centres for Excellence have been developed as partnerships between a number of organisations and the School in order to create a strong interaction between theory and practice. Within this research for business initiative, common problem themes are researched and new management concepts and analysis frameworks are developed, tested and implemented. One essential aspect is the open dialogue and interaction between the participating organisations.

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