Veroniek Collewaert and Yuliya Shymko are awarded for their excellent research

Each year Vlerick Business School grants the Vlerick Best Researcher Award to who has best represented our research strategy during the past year. All colleagues with an A* paper were eligible to participate. Unique in the history of this award is that all of the 2016 candidates were women. After an intense deliberation and complements for the track record of all participants, the interuniversity jury decided to grant the best researcher award to two people. Veroniek Collewaert and Yuliya Shymko are both professors within the area Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Governance.

Yuliya Shymko and Veroniek Collewaert
Yuliya Shymko and Veroniek Collewaert

Veroniek Collewaert, professor of Entrepreneurship, feels very honoured to receive this award – for the second time. “It’s a personal recognition of the quality of research we deliver, both in terms of academic quality and practical relevance. One of the journals I published in this year (Strategic Management Journal) has been on my wish list for a very long time so I’m happy it finally worked! Never give up (laughs).

"Next to the personal recognition, I also feel it’s important as a symbol; it shows that Vlerick not only strives for excellence in teaching, but also in research – which we try to translate into actionable lessons for our participants every day. One of my studies, for instance, highlighted the importance of gathering feedback as an entrepreneur to maintain your passion for your venture. This is something me and my entrepreneurship colleagues emphasize and stimulate every single day when coaching young and bright start-up ideas. Looking forward to a new year of exciting studies!

  • top publications in Strategic Management Journal and the Journal of Management Studies - and a managerial piece based on her work for Harvard Business Review digital articles
  • continuously seeking for synergies between academic research and practical outcomes, of value to teaching and society at large
  • Entrepreneurship 2.0 project together with partner Deloitte – resulting in the Rising Star Monitor
  • board member at BAN Vlaanderen
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (A*), showing her academic credentials not only within Vlerick but also in the broader academic community

Yuliya Shymko, professor of Strategy, as well feels honoured to win this award: “Especially since I was chosen amongst other formidable and outstanding researchers at our school. Secondly, I think that the spirit of times more than ever requires from social scientists courage and audacity to ask big questions and search for unconventional and humanly significant answers. The quest for knowledge is inseparable from our concerns about the world and our hopes to improve it.”

  • top publication in the Academy of Management Journal and a managerial piece based on this work for Harvard Business Review digital articles, which shows the reach of her research on corporate philanthropy
  • contributing to the academic research climate at Vlerick, taking amongst others part as a teacher and coach in internal methodology courses and in sessions on research ethics and feeding the internal debate on the role of business schools
  • encouraging students to develop a critical attitude, making them reflect on their contribution to society.
  • giving keynote speeches about her work at different other business schools internationally, and presenting her work at academic conferences
  • visiting professor at IE University


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