Volvo Cars renews alumni partnership

Volvo Cars no longer defines itself as a car manufacturer but as a mobility provider. This is the core of its Vision 2020 plan, which lays out ambitious but concrete targets. “This target-driven mentality is something that we also see at Vlerick”, remarks Wim Maes, Managing Director of Volvo Car Belux.

Wim Maes (Volvo Cars) and Thomas Vandormael (Vlerick)
Wim Maes  (Managing Director Volvo Car Belux) and Thomas Vandormael (General Manager Vlerick Alumni)

Why has Volvo Cars opted for an alumni partnership with Vlerick?

Wim Maes: “Because Vlerick and Volvo Cars have strong shared values, namely innovation, dynamism and sustainability. We have laid out specific targets in a Vision 2020 plan. Our concrete targets for 2020 are 1) to have no deaths or serious injuries behind the wheel of a new Volvo 2) to give back one week of quality time to Volvo drivers every year by developing semi-autonomous cars and 3) to have one million fully electric or hybrid Volvo cars on the road by 2025. These are highly ambitious targets for which we need to have the right people on board: people who share our drive. And we find them at the events organised by Vlerick Alumni.”

“We find people who share our drive at Vlerick.” Wim Maes, Managing Director of Volvo Car Belux

What does Volvo Cars get out of this partnership?

Wim Maes: “Visibility and networking are the key ‘driving force’. Our presence at the opening of the academic year enables us to reach out to a young market segment, which is valuable in terms of both business and recruitment. The Winter Reunion is more of a moment for reflection, but is certainly every bit as engaging. There are also sporting events such as the Vlerick Golf Tournament and the Volvo Ocean Race at which we fired the starting shot in Alicante this year, along with the Spanish chapter. In addition, we recently attended Professor Stijn Viaene’s five-day Digital Leadership course with a number of people from my team. And I also like using the inspiring Vlerick campus here in Brussels for off-site meetings with my management team.”

If you had to describe Vlerick in one term, what would that term be?

Wim Maes: “Target-driven. Just like Volvo Cars, Vlerick keeps its finger on the pulse of what is going on the world. And you notice that in everyone you come into contact with here.”

Volvo CarsAlumni partner Volvo
Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer with its HQ in Göteborg. Volvo Cars has factories in Sweden, Belgium, the US and China. In 2017 Volvo sold 572K cars around the globe in more than 100 countries, and the company employs 40,000 people worldwide.
Alumni partner since 2015.