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To make digital transformation a success in today’s complex world, companies need to be sustainable, agile, alert to opportunities – and act faster than their competitors.

This programme dives into the challenges and opportunities facing leaders going through digital transformation. Using the 4V digital transformation leadership model, you’ll explore the types of leadership that can contribute to your digital journey – and understand what digital transformation means for you, your colleagues and your organisation and its sustainability.

Detailed programme

Over five consecutive days on campus, you’ll dive into the world of digital transformation, develop the critical skills to evolve your leadership role and share experiences with your fellow participants.

Module 1: Understand the digital difference  

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities facing today’s digital leaders
  • Play the interactive Digital Leadership Game and discover the capabilities you need to be successful

Module 2: Vigilant leadership 

  • Discover the Vigilant leader – alert and ready to respond to new technology, market disruption and changing customer behaviour
  • Dive into a testimonial and case study from a Vigilant leader
  • Explore multiple theories and complete various exercises

Module 3: Voyager leadership 

  • Discover the Voyager leader – an entrepreneur who connects diverse, creative people to make ideas tangible
  • Dive into a testimonial and case study from a Voyager leader
  • Explore multiple theories and complete various exercises

Module 4: Vested leadership

  • Discover the Vested leader – who goes beyond vision to create organisational mechanisms to mobilise skills and resources
  • Dive into a testimonial and case study from a Vested leader
  • Explore multiple theories and complete various exercises

Module 5: Visionary leadership

  • Discover the Visionary leader – who turns inspiration, ideas and experiments into strategic business goals
  • Dive into a testimonial and case study from a Visionary leader
  • Explore multiple theories and complete various exercises

The Digital Leadership Programme takes place over five consecutive days on campus. There are also informal evening activities where you can get to know fellow participants – and learn more about their experiences in different sectors and specialisms. It’s a good idea to book a hotel near our campus so you can get the most from the whole experience. These hotels are all nearby. 

Why this programme

  • Gain a solid understanding of the key challenges that can help or hinder digital transformation
  • Tackle the leadership challenges of transforming into a sustainable digital business
  • Learn how to align people, working practices, culture and structure
  • Discover best-practice frameworks, pragmatic tools, real-life case studies and actionable insights
  • Get away from the everyday concerns of the workplace and really focus on digital transformation for your business

Who should attend

  • Senior executives, middle managers and ambitious professionals who sponsor, lead or are about to lead digital transformation projects
  • Professionals who act as change agents in their organisations
  • Entrepreneurs who want to design a sustainable digital transformation roadmap for their businesses
  • Professionals from a range of different sectors and specialisms  

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Greet De Bondt

I strongly believe that embracing digital in a smart way can improve the customer experience and optimise business processes. The programme really confirmed that there is no magic formula for increasing an organisation’s digital maturity. We discovered the variety of tasks, points of view, and number of people that should be involved to get to a good result. The main learning lesson is the necessity of a roadmap for the entire organisation – and this programme provided the tools.

Wouter Van Isterdael

It was fascinating to talk to people active in diverse sectors and yet all facing the same issues. The programme also inspired me on a technological level – seeing examples set by the industry pioneers, the technological possibilities, and hearing the guest lecturers who have lived such a transformation first-hand and were eager to share their experiences with the group. Read more on Wouter's Vlerick experience.

Tamara Lievens

In my current role as Head of IT I have the ability to engage at both the operational and the strategic level. This programme’s mix of theory, energy scan and tips & tools and the shared experiences in implementing digital transformations in practice has given me lots of insights and inspiration. One of the first actions taken in the organisation was to categorise the roadmap according to the four different types of Digital Leadership.

Alexandra Kolodina 1

Working in change management and innovation, I looked for a programme with an end-to-end vision and a ‘people’ aspect beyond ‘digital’. The participants all face similar challenges, and it’s a relief to hear that you’re not alone. Digital transformation isn’t easy, but it starts with understanding your company’s culture and finding the right leadership styles. Combined with agility and the courage to take risks.


Stijn Viaene

Stijn Viaene

Professor of Digital Transformation

Stijn Viaene is dedicated to helping executives transform their enterprises for a digital world.

Karlien Vanderheyden

Karlien Vanderheyden

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Karlien Vanderheyden focuses on how individuals can impact an organisation’s people, processes and performance.

Koen Vingerhoets

Koen Vingerhoets

Executive in Residence

Koen Vingerhoets is one of Belgium’s leading experts in blockchain technology.

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