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Securing customer loyalty in today’s competitive landscape can be hard work. So how do you make your brand stand out? Today's challenges are as diverse as diverse as digitisation, information overload, social responsibility and increasing consumer scepticism?

This four-day programme gives you the skills to successfully manage and build your brand portfolio – and the insights to think as a forward-looking marketer.

Detailed programme

Redefine your brand strategy through the programme’s three modules. Live and learn branding as you start with a module on the fundamentals of branding. You discover how to manage and communicate a brand through different perspectives. Then you discover creative branding techniques for our digital age.

You’ll be inspired by our blend of academic rigour and direct experience from the marketplace. You’ll hear B2B and B2C professionals from large and small companies share their experiences of successful branding projects. And at the end of the programme, you’ll be ready to leap confidently into your own successful branding challenges and projects.

This brand management programme is the perfect way to boost your knowledge of branding and brand management. You can either participate on campus or online. You simply choose whether you’d like to take part 100% on campus, or 100% online in real-time. Whichever format you select, you’ll find the learning experience immersive, practical and thought-provoking.

Module 1: Fundamental branding perspectives

  • Discover the classic branding concepts and frameworks
  • Learn how to build strong brands
  • Get to know concepts to generate brand identity and brand positioning
  • Discover core brand communication and key performance indicators

Module 2: Newer branding principles

  • Explore and learn to apply different perspectives to build brands that form new media possibilities, an emotional-vs-rational route to branding, and/or a prioritisation of attracting or keeping customers.
  • Discover perspectives that:
    … start from working with brand influencers
    … prioritise emotional bonding
    … focus first on creating special touchpoint experiences
    … stipulate that being noticed by as many potential customers as possible is key

Module 3: Additional aspects of creating, communicating & managing brands* 

• Learn how to build a brand architecture

• Understand which non-traditional, creative tactics are popular for communicating brands  

• Find out how to create or update brand logos, names, slogans

• Discover how to grow/leverage a brand using brand extension and co-branding strategies

*sub-topics are examples of content blocks discussed during the final section of the programme

Why this programme

  • Create or redefine a brand strategy for today’s competitive landscape
  • Apply different perspectives to your own brand strategy
  • Discover techniques to grow your brand
  • Differentiate your branding communication strategy
  • Learn effective, creative techniques to differentiate your brand in today's competitive landscape

Who should attend

  • Brand, service or marketing managers in start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and corporations
  • Business unit managers in charge of strategic brand management
  • Distribution retail and category managers who want to understand the added value of an effective brand strategy
  • Account executives and directors in creative agencies
  • Market researchers and marketing consultants who want to keep up to date with current trends and support their clients effectively with expert brand manager training

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Andy Van den Berghe

At the rate that new market trends appear – and with the challenges that they pose to marketing and communication – it’s really necessary to be well prepared. This programme offers a broad vision and guides you in tackling current obstacles and anticipating new pitfalls. Today’s theory can be perfectly put into practice tomorrow.


Frank Goedertier

Frank Goedertier

Professor of Marketing

Frank Goedertier is passionate about marketing, customer journey management, brand strategy and impactful public speaking.

Niels Schillewaert

Niels Schillewaert

Adjunct Professor of Marketing

Niels Schillewaert is an internationally recognised expert in market research.

Aude Mayence

Guest speaker

Aude Mayence is Marketing Brand Director at Delhaize and Marketer of the Year 2018

Cedric Engels

Guest speaker

Cedric Engels is co-founder/CEO of sound production agency Sonhouse, author and Tedx speaker