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  1. Ethical investor

    Take the money or run?

    Entrepreneurship research has largely focused on how venture capital (VC) investors evaluate entrepreneurs and their ventures in order to make effective investment decisions. A new study that considers VC investment from the entrepreneur’s perspective now shows that in addition to the investor’s value-added services and investment track record, his/her ethical reputation plays a key role in the entrepreneur’s evaluation.

  2. Entrepreneurship at school

    From class project to successful business

    Many young people already show entrepreneurial behaviour from a young age. They are creative, actively seek ways to earn money, lead others, or dare to depart from the prevalent norms. By tapping into, strengthening and encouraging that entrepreneurial behaviour, secondary education can stimulate entrepreneurship even more effectively. The research shows that two important factors hinder effective entrepreneurship education.

  3. venture capital

    OK to invest. And what then?

    What happens once a venture capitalist (VC) has decided to invest in a portfolio company or entrepreneur? That’s the question professors Sophie Manigart (Vlerick Business School) and Mike Wright (Imperial College Business School, UK) tackle in their book “Venture Capital Investors and Portfolio Firms”.

  4. angel investor

    The good and the bad of trust in angel investor-entrepreneur relationships

    Angel investors play an important role in providing seed capital for start-up businesses. Just as important to the success of these enterprises is the level of mutual trust that exists between investor and entrepreneur. A Maastricht University / Vlerick Business School study explores how perceptions of trust between angel investors and entrepreneurs affect the angel’s perceived venture performance through data collected from surveys of the lead entrepreneur and angel investor in 54 Belgian ventures.

  5. Private equity

    Private Equity, HRM and Employment - Balancing the debate

    Discussions concerning private equity practices are often highly-charged – with proponents arguing that private equity deals create value, and critics characterising private equity firms as ‘sharks’ looking for quick profits at the expense of workers. Mike Wright, Nick Bacon, Rod Ball, and Miguel Meuleman offer a more balanced, systematic view of what private equity is all about with regard to employment relations.

  6. Mobile School

    Mobile School: Bringing out the wisdom of the street

    Realizing that 90 % of street children that are brought to homes and institutions run away within two days and choose for the streets again, the Mobile School Group (MSG) has developed innovative educational materials and teaching methods that are particularly adapted to life in the streets.

  7. Creativity

    Creativity counts

    What’s the magic ingredient that gives certain regions a competitive edge? Research by Professor Leo Sleuwaegen and Priscilla Boiardi of Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School indicates that the answer is creativity.

  8. JPG

    Turn your employees into entrepreneurs

    Our knowledge society needs more than traditional entrepreneurs; it also needs employees with innovative dreams and new ideas. How do you encourage intrapreneurship within an organisation? A recent study conducted by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at Vlerick Business School analysed the entrepreneurial profile of employees in Flanders.

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