Downstream innovation - Why the iPhone is such a success story

This study by Prof. Dr. Niraj Dawar and Dr. Frank Goedertier emphasises that clever innovative companies place the focus not on the development of a new product but rather on the development of a new market segment. New market segments can be developed in a variety of ways. This report explores the impact of consumers’ thought processes on their buying behaviour and shows that companies that take astute advantage of these processes can create a cognitive competitive advantage.

The Context: Increasingly ‘Downstream’ Activities are Making the Difference

A company’s activities can be divided into upstream activities and downstream activities − or, respectively, everything that happens before and after a product comes onto the market. In the last few years, the ability of upstream factors (raw materials, production, R&D, etc.) to build competitive advantage has fallen off sharply. In fact, a majority of companies in many Western economies now have easy access to upstream factors of equal quality via outsourcing or in-house development. This means that the relative capacity of downstream activities (marketing, sales, service, brand policy, etc.) to build competitive advantage is on the rise. A good example of this evolution is the car industry: all of the manufacturers produce cars of equivalent quality, but they differentiate themselves from each other in the area of brand perception. So, investing in downstream pays off!

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