Healthcare Management Centre - annual research report 2019

In 2019, we conclude the fifth year of Vlerick Healthcare Management Centre’s operations. Building upon a strong MINOZ legacy of studying hospital operations, we continue to expand and deepen our reach into the full healthcare system.

This annual research report gives an overview of achievements and published output, as well as an overview of ongoing fundamental and applied research projects covering the interface between health technology, data analytics, and healthcare provider organisational design including regulatory innovation.

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  1. Acting with foresight in times of budget austerity
  2. Innovative funding solutions for paradigm changing new therapies
  3. The need for a biomedical big data insight-providing federated network to support a sustainable pharmaceutical access policy
  4. Multi-product assessment studies in the vendor-competitive environment of pharmaceutical innovation: how real-world evidence can contribute
  5. Shedding light on reimbursement practices of companion diagnostics in Europe
  6. Measuring the total societal and corporate value of innovative medicines
  7. Time-driven activity-based costing applied to cancer treatment
  8. Hospital of the future
  9. Fostering multidisciplinary collaboration in drug discovery


  1. Recent publications
  2. Opinions
  3. Ongoing research

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