How to devise and implement winning strategies in times of digitisation

Why do some companies succeed in developing winning strategies in turbulent  environments characterised by digitisation, while others struggle to do so? What best practices for strategy-making can companies adopt to thrive in turbulence? To gain in-depth knowledge of what it takes to devise and implement winning strategies in times of digitisation, PwC Belgium and Vlerick Business School undertook a qualitative research project to identify specific management practices that contribute to the development of such strategies.

Drawing from previous research and a range of newly developed cases on companies in turbulence, the research project was set up with a dual purpose.

  1. To reconceptualise the very essence of strategy-making so it matches the challenges that managers face when developing winning strategies in contexts of digitisation.
    The research shows that firms develop the ability to engage in continuous strategy-making. A strategic direction is pinpointed, yet the actual strategy to move forward gradually develops as a company explores, learns and adapts to developments in its environment. To successfully engage in continuous strategy-making, firms proactively attempt to sense change, seize opportunities, and reconfigure their core business. The continuous strategy-making journeys of many companies explicit the necessity to recurrently and simultaneously engage in all three of these components.
  2. To pinpoint the very best practices employed for strategy-making in turbulence by comparing practices across company cases.
    This report thus offers a comprehensive overview of what management practices can be used to successfully engage in all three components of strategy-making under turbulence.

Would you also like to develop and implement a winning strategy? Download our research report ‘Thriving in turbulence – best practices for strategy-making in digital times’.

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