Interpolis: becoming the most transparent and trustworthy insurance company

This case is available at The Case Centre with reference no. 316-0256-1.

Interpolis is a Dutch insurance company operating both in the life and the non-life market, as well as in the health industry. During the early 1990s, Interpolis faced serious financial problems and the company was in dire straits. The company has been turned around from 1994 onwards and the case study describes this transformation in greater detail. It shows how the top managers have built a strategy based on openness, transparency, clarity and trust: insurance has been made 'crystal clear.'

Learning objectives:

1. See what is the role of an inspiring higher goal and clear values in transforming a company and how they provide direction and focus to an entire organisation.

2. Get a clearer understanding how a change in strategy can result in better financial and non-financial performance. Interpolis' clarity in strategy allows for a better strategy implementation through increased alignment and commitment of the employees.

3. Understand what levers can be used to implement a strategy. The case study outlines how changes in core processes, but also in support and administrative processes help to turn a strategy into better results.

4. Understand how a cultural change complements a change in strategy in a corporate turnaround. Interpolis has chosen to build a culture based on trust which is very uncommon in the insurance industry, an industry dominated by mistrust and control.

5. Understand the importance of customer centricity and operational excellence, and how these two concepts are related.

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