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  1. Open Services Innovation: Co-creating new services with partners and customers

    ‘Open innovation’ assumes that organisations should use external ideas as well as internal ideas to design and develop new products and services. And companies that provide services, and whose customers are very often already part of the service-creation process, are especially well-suited to reaping the benefits of the open innovation model.

  2. Brand

    Putting consumer behaviour under the spotlight

    The Vlerick study looks at the impact of goal-based brand labelling on consumers’ choice and choice satisfaction. The researchers also analyzed how far brand name (goal based labelling) influenced how certain consumers were that they made the right choice given their consumption goal.

  3. Butterfly

    From caterpillar to butterfly

    Increasingly, instead of just offering products or services, companies are integrating different products, services and technologies to provide solutions that are specifically designed to respond to customer demands and requirements. However, transforming from a product or service provider to a genuinely customer-centred solution provider implies re-aligning the entire organisation.

  4. IAB Europe

    Online Jobs Boost Europe’s Competitiveness

    A new study published by Vlerick Business School carried out on behalf of IAB Europe reveals that Europe’s digital economy has the potential to generate an additional 1.5 million jobs. Based on 2010 figures for employment income, the study estimated the economic value of the internet sector in the EU to be €119.8 billion, or about 1 per cent of GDP. The internet sector employs 3.4 million people, approximately 1.6 per cent of the EU’s total working population.

  5. Case study

    Value added services at ABC Industries

    These two cases are part of a case series. These cases highlight how important it is to factor the needs of the customers in developing and commercializing value-added-services.

  6. Atlas Copco

    Distributor management at Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco is a world renowned engineering organisation known for its quality, innovative products. Split up into three main business areas, this particular case deals with one of the business areas, Construction and Mining Technique (CMT).

  7. Help for marketing researchers formulating questionnaires

    Help for marketing researchers formulating questionnaires

    When constructing a scale or selecting multi-item measures for use in a questionnaire, marketing researchers face a dilemma: Should they include reversed items, or should they rely exclusively on items that are all worded in the same direction?

  8. B2B Brand Architecture: Building and sustaining customer trust

    B2B Brand Architecture: building and sustaining customer trust

    The importance of branding and brand architecture is well established in business-to-consumer (B2C) settings. But in business-to-business (B2B) settings, managers tend to believe that personal selling is the key, and brand building tends to be overlooked.
    However, authors Steve Muylle, Niraj Dawar and Deva Rangarajan argue that B2B branding and personal selling should be seen as complements, rather than as an either/or choice.

34 results Number of Results per Page