Centre for Excellence in Leading Adaptive Organisations


Companies need adopt a flexible approach if they wish go beyond mere survival and actually thrive in these turbulent times. The Centre for Excellence in Leading Agile Organisations offers comprehensive expertise in leadership development and coaching, while also focusing on the aspect of agility.
The emphasis here lies on people and structure, as well as maintaining strong links with strategy and business processes. We bridge the gap between leadership, innovation, organisational behaviour and strategy, with a specific focus on diversity, collaboration and flexibility


The current nature and speed of change is unprecedented, driven as it is by technological innovations, cultural and societal shifts and changing demographics. Companies and managers find themselves working in a volatile and unpredictable context. The ability to adapt quickly is essential, but with a clear vision and strategy.
How can you create a business culture which embraces open innovation? And which skills do you need to engage employees and foster collaboration across silos, levels of seniority and regions?


By means of access to an interactive network which offers scope for both individual development and learning at organisational level.

  • practice-oriented research and development of tools
  • co-creation and interactive workshops
  • knowledge sharing and networking


Senior managers, HR managers or HR professionals who wish to invest in:

  • sustainable leadership, resilience and agility
  • leadership development and challenges
  • innovative methods such as inclusive leadership, diversity management, feedback culture etc.

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