Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management


The Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management approaches strategic talent management as a ‘decision science’. We examine every aspect of the development and performance of your employees in order to enable optimal management. Our 20 years of experience of talent management and HRM stand us in good stead when doing so.

“Talent management is to HR what finance is to accounting and marketing is to sales.” Dirk Buyens, professor of Human Resource Management at Vlerick Business School.


How do you retain competent, motivated and high-performing staff even though you are unable to offer them jobs for life?
By gaining insights into the strategic side of talent management. Not only does efficient talent management allow you to increase the engagement of your current employees, it also makes you an attractive employer for future talent.


By means of access to a unique knowledge platform and relevant research. We also think along with your company and look for improvements together.

  • 1 central theme each year (determined by the members)
  • exchanging ideas and best practices at workshops, seminars and round-table discussions
  • participation in research
  • development of practical, relevant insights and tools


HR professionals from all sectors of the business community, who:

  • want to focus on attracting, retaining and developing motivated employees
  • want to stay informed of the latest developments in the talent management arena

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