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It is clear: technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing our lives. These technologies will also change the organisation of the finance function. The Centre for Financial Leadership and Digital Transformation seeks to share insights into, and co-create knowledge on, how technologies such as AI, robotics, blockchain, cloud technology and cybersecurity are transforming the finance function. In collaboration with our partners and members, we aim to provide finance leaders with a broad and deep understanding of technology, supporting them in becoming more agile in the digital era.

Our offer

The Centre for Financial Leadership and Digital Transformation will provide you with:

  • Research relevant to and tailored on your business needs.
  • New management and technology concepts relevant to the finance function.
  • Practical tools and skills to better analyse data and build predictive models.
  • Company visits, expert testimonials and interactive workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Access to our unique online knowledge platform, an inspirational and learning repository accessible 24/7.
  • An international network to exchange visions and share best practices in the field of financial leadership and digital transformation.

We are committed to using digital innovation to empower meaningful encounters and activities, creating a fully hybrid experience for our (inter)national community, now and in the future.

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We offer you practical research with a high degree of relevance to your company. Based on your needs and requirements as a member or partner, our research will provide you with knowledge on how to improve your reporting function, value protection activities, and strategic decision-making. You will gain a better understanding of how new technologies will impact your function – allowing you to organise your responsibilities more effectively and efficiently and to leverage your image as a true business partner born in the digital era.

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Currently, we focus primarily on topics such as:

  • Digital business model innovation
  • Working capital optimisation
  • Supply chain-driven value creation
  • Sustainable & integrated reporting
  • Building resilient and data-driven digital finance teams
  • Predicting net promotor score for hospitals
  • Robotic process automation
  • AI and machine learning for the finance leader:
    • Risk analytics
    • Churn prediction & retention
    • Payment fraud detection
    • Detecting annual reporting fraud
    • Predicting customer life time value
    • Performance management and machine learning
    • Contract analytics and innovation management
    • Supplier selection using network analysis techniques
      • Budgeting
      • Forecasting
  • Cloud technology
  • Blockchain

But we also delve into:

  • DNA of the digital CFO
  • Data ethics and cybersecurity
  • A digital finance strategy that delivers
  • Personal characteristics and the use of new technologies
  • Profiling the finance function of the future and the war for talent

AI Barometer

This AI maturity scan for the finance department was developed by Professor Kristof Stouthuysen. The tool investigates the strengths and challenges for companies when applying AI in their finance departments. What goes right; what are the blind spots; and, with an eye on the future, what are the possible next steps in order to make progress? Whilst answering these questions, the tool takes into account the company’s culture, knowledge, talent profiles, data structure, etc. Download the flyer.

Bootcamp on Data Science for Finance and Strategy

Within the curriculum of our masters and full-time MBA programmes, this bootcamp prepares students for a future in data analytics. We provide them with the language, concepts, insights and analytical tools to deal with data and technology challenges and improve their financial and strategic decision-making:

  • introduction to AI and machine learning techniques to model and summarise data sets
  • introduction to the Python programming language for efficient storing, processing and visualisation of data
  • improvement of financial and strategic decision-making abilities related to big data issues

The bootcamp can also be organised for CFOs and finance professionals within companies who want to experience the power of AI and machine learning in decision-making, helping them to become a true business partner.

What is the DNA of a digital finance leader?

New and digital technologies are undeniably changing the role of the finance function. CFOs can act as a catalyst for reshaping the business strategy and deploying AI technologies. The digital journey, however, encompasses more than the mere adoption of several technologies. In this white paper the Centre for Financial Leadership and Digital Transformation offers insights on how to formulate a digital transformation strategy. Along with an overview of 9 must-have characteristics of a true digital finance leader, this knowledge can equip leaders to successfully tackle the upcoming challenges of digitalisation. Download the white paper


Expert presentations, company visits, testimonials, and interactive workshops. Each year’s programme is designed in close consultation with our partners and members. Discover what activities we have in store for 2021 and 2022!

Partners & Members

Meet the partners and members that support the Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation!

Meet the team

Meet the people behind the Centre for Financial Leadership & Digital Transformation!

Prof. Dr. Kristof Stouthuysen

Prof. Dr. Filip


Prof. Dr. Tim


Cloé De Moor

Prof. Dr. Ines

Researcher Supervisor
(Maastricht University)

Prof. Dr. Seppe Vanden Broucke
Researcher Supervisor

Dr. Jannes

Researcher Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Wouter Verbeke
Researcher Supervisor
(KU Leuven)

Emma Willems
Doctoral Researcher

Carl-Erik Heyvaert
Doctoral Researcher

Bjarne Brié
Doctoral Researcher

Lennert Van der Schraelen
Doctoral Researcher

Thomas Decorte
Doctoral Researcher

Tineke Distelmans
Doctoral Researcher

Viola Darmawan
Doctoral Researcher

Ewoud Stroom
Voluntary Research Collaborator

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The Centre aims at profound and lasting projects and activities, funded and guided by our partners and members. Membership is based on an initial commitment of 3 years and may be renewed after this period. An annual fee of 10,000 EUR (excl. 21% VAT) grants access to a unique knowledge platform and entitles 3 representatives to attend all of the activities related to the Centre.

Let us join forces and co-create the finance function of the future. Take the leap and become a member of the Centre for Financial Leadership and Digital transformation today! Contact us and we will be in touch soon to work out your membership or discuss a partnership.

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