Centre for people in the smart digitised supply chain


The Research Centre for People in the Smart, Digitised Supply Chain acts upon the rise of Industry 4.0 technologies, like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. In collaboration with our partners Bluecrux, Lineas, and OMP, we explore the impact of digital transformation on people in the supply chain and help you get inspired by the possibilities that Industry 4.0 brings to the table.


Industry 4.0 technologies allow companies to create tailored smart products and services that could change their business model and impact the way people work and operate. We see Industry 4.0 and automation as opportunities rather than threats, allowing human and machine to join forces and take the supply chain to the next level.


By means of access to a unique knowledge platform and relevant research.

  • Multiple workshops throughout the year with hands-on discussions on specific topics
  • Research based on data from your company, allowing for customised feedback
  • Practical tools such as business games


Professionals from a wide variety of companies in which the supply chain plays a crucial role:

  • Logistics service providers
  • Talent and people providers
  • System providers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Industry associations

& Rankings

Equis Association of MBAs AACSB Financial Times