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In addition to training, we offer our research expertise to companies and organisations. Cooperation between our experts in Entrepreneurship and your company may take various forms: either as a research partnership in the longer term as through shorter ad hoc research and consultancy projects. Our team of experts guarantees a scientific basis of the projects we are working on. Also practical relevance is an important feature of our research. Innovative business plans, a market study for a new product or service, an analysis of future growth opportunities, ... Our experts make the diagnosis, identify market opportunities and work out together with you a concrete plan of action.

A Research Partnership that Supports Management Practice

Entrepreneurs in Action

Vlerick Business School bridges the gap between theory and practice. This philosophy has heavily influenced the content of our open programmes and research activities, but is expressed also by our active participation in events around entrepreneurship. The focus is mainly on networking, dissemination and providing a forum for starters.

The Growth Management Impulse Centre for Medium-Sized Enterprises (iGMO) is a unique concept in Flanders, and even in Europe. The Impulse Centre provides a platform for research, dialogue and networking for entrepreneurs who are owner-manager of independent medium-sized companies with growth history and growth perspectives. The active membership approach will lead to an association between the entrepreneurs of the participating companies, the Prime Foundation Partners (Ernst & Young and KBC) and Vlerick, with an open dialogue between all stakeholders. In the Impulse Centre the main challenges of growth management are open for discussion, are evaluated and communicated.

A Forum for Owner Managers

The focus of the Impulse Centre is on dynamic entrepreneurs of medium sized companies with growth potential. Both closed and open family firms with outside shareholders, whether or not listed, are taken into account.


Vlerick Business School is an important partner within the Enterprize competition. Enterprize assists entrepreneurs in preparing their business, thanks to a powerful network of coaches from all sectors. Candidates lead a promising, max 5 years old, company, and establish an innovative project. Participants receive free coaching, participate in seminars within their field of interest and have the opportunity to win numerous awards. Besides Enterprize the experts of the Center for Entrepreneurship are also closely involved in competitions such as Entrepreneur of the Year, WOMED and SME of the Year.

Forums and Networks

The forum "Entrepreneurs for the Developing World" is a platform in Vlerick Business School for the exploration, development and support of new initiatives with a focus on education and entrepreneurship in developing countries. Besides financial support, the entrepreneurs and Vlerick expand and share their expertise with organisations in various projects at the forefront, such as Giving Something Back, You Bridge, Street Wize, etc.

BAN Flanders is a platform where starting or expanding entrepreneurs seeking venture capital are brought into contact with private investors, known as business angels. These business angels bring not only money but also their own knowledge, experience and contacts. Both the entrepreneurs and business angels are connecting to the services offered. Vlerick is the home basis for all contacts and activities in East landers.

Our Offer is Too Good to Miss

You would like to call on the expertise of Vlerick professors and researchers -- on an ad hoc basis -- for pressing Entrepreneurship issues in your company? You've come to the right address. Together with you, we examine your needs and requirements and, in consultation with you, we propose a tailor-made approach. Customised research, with or without related workshops, in-company projects led by Vlerick students, ... the possibilities are wide open. In addition, we translate the research results into concrete, ready-to-implement recommendations.

Knowledge in Action

Interested in the lessons learned of our research for your company? Find out more about our latest research articles!

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