Executive remuneration research centre


With over 15 years of experience, the Executive Remuneration Research Centre offers broad-based academic and practical expertise on the various aspects of executive remuneration. By exchanging knowledge, we help companies and/or remuneration committees to ensure the optimal development of effective remuneration strategies and systems for top management, in line with the institutional and company context.

Our DNA: expertise – discovery & reflection – independent thought – impact and inspiration – open and collaborative culture


Executive remuneration involves many different challenges, such as the decision-making processes (e.g. say-on-pay, role of the remuneration committee), the design and impact of executive remuneration (e.g. share-based pay, bonus deferral, benchmarking) and the disclosure requirement. Designing and implementing sustainable remuneration systems not only allows a company to attract, retain and motivate the right top managers but also to ensure value creation in the long term.


By means of access to a unique knowledge platform, academic and practical research and a comprehensive network of experts on executive remuneration.

  • exchanging ideas and experiences, e.g. through workshops, webinars and round-table discussions
  • networking
  • participation in research


Compensation & Benefits, Reward or HR Managers/Directors and members of the management and/or remuneration committee who:

  • are closely involved in the decision-making process for executive remuneration
  • work for international companies with their head office or a branch in Belgium

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