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Being part of an academic business school, the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services conducts research projects that have a strong and sound academic foundation, and which can be translated into practically relevant knowledge and tools for managers operating in the financial services industry. Our researchers are specialised in different financial services research topics. We offer different research approaches, tailored to your needs. 

A Research Partnership that Supports Management Practice

Interested in  long term collaboration with Vlerick? The Vlerick Centre for Financial Services groups all the programmes, research and know how that have been developed in the area of financial services. Find out more on the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services.

Our Offer is Too Good to Miss

Are you in need of a directly applicable solution for a business problem or strategic challenge? A Vlerick in-company project offers your company the opportunity to carry out a strategic or a significant operational project that you might not normally be able to resource. Through the project, your company can capitalise on the knowledge, skills and experience our students have acquired during their studies at our School (and prior to their Vlerick programme as well). A team of 3 Vlerick students work for several month full-time on this project. A Vlerick professor and research assistant guard the academic quality and methodology. An internal promotor of your company evaluates the added value for your organisation.

Examples of some Vlerick in-company projects for financial services organisations:

  • Product set and implementation plan for mortgages
  • Assessment and implementation of Solvency II use tests in a European insurance organisation
  • Linking Customer Journey with Net Promoter Scores in a large retail bank
  • Developing a marketing and positioning plan for online brokerage services
  • Developing a social media approach to monitor and improve corporate reputation
  • Introducing process-based management in a financial services organisation

Knowledge in Action

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