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Innovation is at the top of corporate agendas. Especially in difficult economic times, innovation-driven corporate renewal is the path to prosperity and growth instead of cost-cutting and downsizing.

Yet, innovation remains a challenge. Companies struggle to remain leaders in their markets, often ceding leadership to industry outsiders. Inertia slows down competitive response, and new products fail or hit the market too late. It’s often difficult to find the right balance between entrepreneurial and corporate approaches to innovation.

To address these questions, through research, Vlerick Business School's innovation management specialists develop special expertise around innovation management. They then translate this knowledge into training programmes and publications.

Whether you are interested in raising awareness of innovation, designing and managing your organisation for innovative performance, or turning your innovative ideas into mature and concrete business propositions, Vlerick Business School offers a wide range of options, ranging from open enrolment programmes to tailored, company-specific training to customised research projects.

A Research Partnership that Supports Management Practice

Do you think your organisation could benefit from a long term collaboration with Vlerick? A chair is a one-to-one relationship between a faculty member and your organisation. It offers your organisation the possibility to support research within a specific domain. This way your company contributes directly to the growth of the innovation management domain.

An example of this kind of collaboration is the Swift Chair for Market-driven Innovation. This Chair involves a large-scale five-year research project on the subject of market-driven innovation.

Our Offer is Too Good To Miss

In addition to our research partnerships over the longer term, we also offer companies and organisations our research expertise via shorter projects for research and advice.

Our expertise team guarantees the scientific underpinning of the projects that we conduct. Practice-relevance is also a hallmark of our research.

How can I invent and apply innovation management? What are the success factors for innovation? Which best practices are examined? Our experts present the diagnosis, map out opportunities, and work with you to create a plan of action.

As a manager and as an organisation, you’ll benefit from a strong interaction between theory and practice, because our research is truly focused on real-world practice. Are you looking for individual coaching? We contribute directly to your growth by putting you right at the source of the latest insights and trends in your domain.

We're certain to have a collaborative formula that is perfect for your company. Either in the format of an in-company project carried out by our students, in-house research by our experts or guidance and advice by our professors. The possibilities are endless!

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