Lieselot Danneels obtained her Master’s Degree in Commercial Engineering at Ghent University in 2012. She worked as a Systems and Process Analyst at PwC from 2012 to 2014.
In January 2014, Lieselot started her PhD at KU Leuven and Vlerick Business School. Her research is part of the VDAB research chair “Digital Business Innovation of Public Services”. The aim of this research is to investigate opportunities to further digitize public service offering. This involves research into innovations of business processes, services, service models and IT governance in the context of creating digital ecosystems for public services.


Functietitel : Doctoral Researcher

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Digital Transformation in the Public Sector
Open Data as a Platform
Digital Ecosystems


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Danneels L. Viaene S. Van den Bergh J.  forthcoming. Open data platforms: discussing alternative knowledge epistemologies. Government Information Quarterly,

  • Danneels L. Viaene S.  2015. Simple rules strategy to transform government: an ADR approach. Government Information Quarterly, 32(4): 516-525.

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Leroy F. Viaene S. Danneels L.  2016. Naar een digitale transformatie van overheidsinstellingen: de case van VDAB. Vlaams Tijdschrift voor Overheidsmanagement, (3): 5-17.

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Book Chapters

  • Danneels L. Viaene S. Van den Bergh J.  2017. Governance of open government data ecosystems. In: Hilb M. Ed. Governance of Digitalization: The Role of Boards of Directors and Top Management Teams in Digital Value Creation (pp. 91-98). Haupt Verlag.

Conference Proceedings

  • Van den Bergh J. Danneels L. Viaene S.  2017. Raising the bar for smart city ecosystems. (pp. 22-27).

  • Danneels L.  2016. Digital Business Innovation of Public Services. In: Scholl H. Glassey O. Janssen M. e.a. Ed. Electornic Government and Electronic Participation IOS press.

Vlerick cases

  • Viaene S. Danneels L.  2016. Innovating with career analytics and big data. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 316-099-1 (C) + 316-099-8 (TN).