Apple case in top 15 of best-selling cases

The case ‘Apple: Time to think different about cash’ by Vlerick professor Wouter De Maeseneire is listed in the 2015 top fifteen best-selling cases in the category Finance, Accounting and Control. Each year The Case Centre publishes a bibliography of their most popular cases in each of the ten major subject areas during the preceding calendar year. Wouter is thrilled and honoured to see that the Apple case is frequently used as educational material by peers at various respected universities and business schools across the globe.

Wouter De Maeseneire is a firm believer of the case study methodology. After having used cases developed by others, but feeling that they were not exactly tackling what he was looking for, he - often co-authored - actively started writing cases himself since 2010. “Within a business school environment, I believe that the key of successful teaching resides in linking theory to practice, providing examples that stick and a learning-by-doing approach. That’s why I am a big fan of case-based teaching that results in impactful learning. To me, case teaching permits to shape and integrate cycles of learning and reflection, allowing for a deeper understanding and a more thorough future application of the content that is discussed. Cases often prove to be a powerful participant-oriented teaching method that succeeds in really engaging students and additionally permit participants to take ownership of their educational process, to set personal objectives and judge their own learning outcomes. Triggering assignment questions initiate reflection and nurture a rich, broad and in-depth class discussion.”

Obviously without skipping some fundamental concepts and principles, Wouter’s Corporate Finance course for MBA-students is largely built around self-developed cases. “I use my Wal-Mart case for financial statement analysis, Dell for working capital management, AB InBev for M&A, and Apple as an integration case. But case teaching by definition also transcends the boundaries of a single management domain, thereby pushing students to adopt a wider view on typical business problems and offering an integrative learning experience. My Apple case, for instance, is not only about typical finance themes like valuation and dividend policy, but also asks for a broad risk assessment pointing to supply chain issues, and incorporates legal as well as ethical discussions about tax evasion and management incentives through stock options.”

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