"Talk recruitment"

MBA Talent Day

Invitations went out to all of our MBA students to attend the MBA Talent Day at the Leuven campus on 19 June. With the end of the academic year in sight, this event is the ideal opportunity for companies and students to sit down and “talk recruitment”.

Why this event?

Eva Pareit, Careers advisor MBA students: “During the MBA Talent Day we offer our MBA students the opportunity to network with companies that are specifically looking for people with their profile. As for the companies, they can talk to students they’ve selected upfront based on their knowledge and skills, so they can really delve deep into the match-making process.

What does one of our Talent Partners think?

Mark Roberts, Global Procurement Capabilities Director at our Talent Partner AB InBev: “Talent is a fundamental part of the development of our organisation. We’ve already attracted some very good people from Vlerick in recent years and they’ve proved to be very successful with us. We’re not looking for a prototype. What we look at is the students’ drive and ambition. They’ve all done their homework, they seem motivated and the conversations we’ve had so far appear to be very fruitful.”

And our full-time MBA students?

Chung Yun Wu: “These companies have a good relationship with the School so they know what they can expect from the MBA students. AB InBev has international vacancies with a Chinese mentor, which sounds very interesting to me.”

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