Creating Business Value With AI and Big Data

Using artificial intelligence and big data to support decision-making


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Machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, cloud and modern data platforms… They all have immense potential for your organisation. But how do you make them work for you? 

Over this six day programme, you’ll live and learn AI and big data. You’ll gain a strategic overview and you’ll develop a long-term data and analytics strategy that you can put into action straight away. You’ll have the confidence to leap into your organisation with a clear vision of how to create value. 

Detailed programme

This programme blends essential business, analytics and technology knowledge to empower you to take the lead on AI and big data. 

Over six thought-provoking days, you’ll learn approaches that you can implement immediately to create real impact in your organisation. With a combination of on-campus and online learning, you’ll discover how to enhance your company’s decision making – and develop a strategy that you can implement immediately.

This programme is offered in a blended format, covering both on-campus and online sessions.

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Module 1: Data and Analytics Strategy

  • Develop a data and analytics strategy that supports your organisation’s digital transformation
  • Get inspired by state-of-the-art AI and big data applications that create value in multiple industries 
  • Identify data-driven innovations for your organisation
  • Manage analytical teams and projects

Module 2: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

  • Discover machine learning
  • Explore decision automation
  • Understand network analysis
  • Learn about natural Language Processing
  • Dive into deep (reinforcement) learning 

Module 3: Operationalising AI and Big Data

  • Discover how to collect and integrate multiple data sources
  • Learn to integrate big data technology with existing data infrastructure
  • Understand how to leverage high-velocity data
  • Demonstrate the value of data governance

Module 4: Cultivating Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

  • Discover how to win customer buy-in by dealing with ethics and privacy in a big data world
  • Learn to facilitate collaboration around AI and big data projects with internal stakeholders
  • Explore how to promote data savviness within your organisation 

Your personal data-driven project 

Across a period of two months you’ll work on a personal data-driven idea, innovation, project or strategy. You’ll receive valuable feedback from your peers on your project – and you’ll get support from expert Vlerick faculty.

On-campus day 

This day will give you an opportunity to share the challenges and successes of your project with your fellow participants – and get their feedback and support. 

Why this programme

  • Identify new business opportunities associated with advanced data and analytics technologies
  • Develop a data and analytics strategy for your organisation 
  • Understand the principles of artificial intelligence techniques and recognise the business advantages and limitations of AI
  • Discover tools to operationalise your data and analytics strategy
  • Communicate and collaborate better with technical colleagues including data scientists and engineers 
  • Champion AI and big data projects  

Who should attend

  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers and Chief Digital Officers
  • Managers across all functions who want to leverage AI and big data
  • IT managers who have to adapt their infrastructure to new technologies
  • Project managers leading AI and big data projects
  • Innovation managers, tech entrepreneurs, data stewards and analytical translators
  • Business analysts, data scientists, data engineers and IT specialists who are moving into a managerial role or want to expand their business knowledge
  • Consultants who want to stay up-to-date with the latest data and analytics technologies 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Sjouke Van Poucke

This programme showed me that you need to think big – but you can certainly start up small as long as the target is well-defined. I also see that the current applications in my sector are only the beginning in terms of possibilities – to be future-proof, we’ll need to integrate these technologies in our daily work.

iris lopes

Pitching practical cases, followed by sounding-board sessions, resulted in useful feedback from both the professors and the fellow participants and made the programme an inspiring experience. 


Philippe Baecke

Philippe Baecke

Professor of Marketing

Philippe Baecke is harnessing the power of big data and analytics in all areas of marketing.

Andreea Gorbatai

Andreea Gorbatai

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Andreea Gorbatai explores the role of social interaction and emotion in entrepreneurship research

Nicolas Deruytter

Guest speaker

Nicolas Deruytter is Managing Director at ML6 and focusses on creating business value with AI and big data.

Kris Peeters

Guest speaker

Kris Peeters, Founder and CEO at Data Minded helps organisations process their data to get meaningful insights and make more impactful business decisions.

Vincent Buekenhout

Guest speaker

Vincent Buekenhout is IT Data Protection Officer at VDAB.

Stijn Christiaens

Guest speaker

Stijn Christiaens is Co-founder & Chief Data Citizen at Collibra’s Data Office and is responsible for overall data strategy, data infrastructure and translating internal learnings into value for our customers and partners

Jonathan Berte

Guest speaker

Jonathan Berte is Founder & CEO of Robovision, a team of experts specialised in collaborative intelligence.