Driving Growth through Customer Centricity

The power of placing customers at the centre of your organisation


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When an organisation takes a customer-centric approach, it can boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, revenues and profits. But what does customer centricity really mean? On this four-day programme, you’ll live and learn what truly customer-driven strategy looks like – and get the skills and confidence to leap into implementing it.

Detailed programme

This programme brings together theoretical concepts, case studies, techniques and practical examples to highlight the power of putting customers at the centre of your organisation. You’ll learn from top faculty and expert practitioners. And you’ll share customer experience management ideas with your fellow participants. 

Over five modules, you’ll gain the knowledge and insights to create and implement a customer-centric strategy in your organisation. At the end of the programme, you’ll develop a robust plan how to put your customer in the centre of your organisation. And you’ll get detailed feedback from faculty and peers. You’ll leave with a truly customer centric strategy for your own organisation.

Module 1: Customer-driven innovation

  • Learn how to connect with customers during the innovation process
  • Explore the process of developing products and services for wider customer needs
  • Dive into co-creating best practices in digital and physical industries

Module 2: Better customer understanding

  • Discover how to get a 360 degree customer view
  • Learn how decision-making can take you from customer big data to customer insights
  • Dive into predictive analytics for digital communications and marketing campaigns

Module 3: Customer journey thinking

  • Gain insights into customer psychology – with deep-dive perspectives to apply to customer journey thinking
  • Experience how digital technology can change how you bring a product or service to customers and create a competitive advantage
  • Explore real-life examples of successful customer journey approaches driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data

Module 4: A customer and innovation-focused culture

  • Identify barriers to cultural change
  • Discover how to turn employee resistance into customer curiosity, motivation, and engagement
  • Learn how to build a culture of innovation, collaboration, and risk-taking

Module 5: Capturing value through innovative pricing

  • Define a value-based pricing strategy in line with your company objectives
  • Learn to maximise the value of interactions with customers
  • Explore how start-up pricing and digital natives can inspire established companies

Sounding board: A half-day session to take your business strategy to the next level

  • Implement what you’ve learned in your own project
  • Introduce your challenge to Vlerick experts and your peers – and gain valuable feedback
  • Discover how other professionals and organisations tackle similar questions/challenges

Why this programme

  • Focus on adding value for customers and society
  • Identify how to enhance profits for your organisation
  • Analyse your organisation’s customer journey
  • Prepare your organisation to take a customer-centric approach
  • Evaluate the impact of data analytics on customer relationship management

Who should attend

  • Marketing, sales, strategy, service development and R&D professionals
  • Experienced executives in HR, IT and other functions
  • Teams from the same company who want to create a common vision
  • B2B and B2C product and service organisations
  • Companies who want to kick start a client-centric approach

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

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This programme has given me deeper insights into this topic, with clear examples and a variety of approaches. I can use a lot of what I have learned in practice – and I’m trying to make others aware of it by implementing customer centricity in our daily sales process with customers.


Koen Tackx

Koen Tackx

Professor of Marketing

Koen Tackx creates sustainable value for customers, shareholders and society with effective pricing, innovation and product management.

Philippe Baecke

Philippe Baecke

Professor of Marketing

Philippe Baecke is harnessing the power of big data and analytics in all areas of marketing.

Frank Goedertier

Frank Goedertier

Professor of Marketing

Frank Goedertier is passionate about marketing, customer journey management, brand strategy and impactful public speaking.

David Patient

David Patient

Professor of Leadership

David Patient explores the effects of managerial communication, power and influence.

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