Frequently asked questions

  • What shall I do first, apply for the social profit grant or start the application procedure (only for long term programmes)?
    The social profit grant procedure and the application procedure are 2 separate procedures. We advise to start with the intake procedure for the long term programmes and apply for the social profit grant afterwards.

  • How can I subscribe after receiving a social profit grant?
    For short term programmes you can subscribe directly via the website, just mention that you register with a social profit grant.
    For long term programmes, the application procedure is obligatory before you can subscribe. The programme manager will inform you how you can subscribe.

  • When is my subscription complete?
    Your subscription is completed after paying the invoice of the variable costs. The School pays the tuiton cost. 

  • If I do not receive the Social profit grant, can I still apply for the programme?
    Yes, it is still possible to subscribe for the programme without the Social Profit Grant.

  • Is there other financial support possible?
    Other financial support is mentioned on our website and can be found via this link.

  • If I did not receive a social profit grant, is it useful to apply again?
    In our feedback on the Social Profit Grant we can recommend to apply again or to  contact us later, depending if several criteria of the application were met.

  • Are there clear examples of nonprofit organisations during the classes?
    The examples and cases used in our programmes might not be in the direction for a non-profit organisation, but we believe that if you take the time to reflect and to see where you can relate to it, the programme will most certainly be successful for you. Also the interaction and exchange with other participants can create new insights.


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