Opportunities for charity professionals

Our Social Profit Grants give non-profit organisations a boost

If you work in a not-for-profit organisation, you know that resources can be tight. Which means opportunities for professional development may be thin on the ground.

Which is why we offer social profit grants – to give talented individuals from NGOs and charities the chance to develop their skills and make even greater impact.

Successful grant applicants get a place on one of our executive management programmes – where they can share thoughts and ideas with people who offer alternative approaches to the challenges they face. Just as importantly, we benefit from the unique and valuable viewpoints participants from non-profits bring to the classroom.


Chris Veeningen
Financial Adviser of the Start Foundation
Chris Veeningen

"There were around 40 participants. It was quite a large and also very diverse group, with investors and lawyers as well as bankers. I expected major differences between ‘my world’, that of NGOs and social entrepreneurs, and the world of fast and easy money. There are differences, of course, but what struck me most of all were the similarities. We all look critically at risks, we all need the courage to invest in something small that still needs to grow bigger, and we all want something in return for our commitment. But in my case, this is not money or a participation in the form of shares, but social impact."

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Angelo Meuleman
Project Director at Taxistop
Ignace De Ro

"People often misunderstand non-profit organisations. Just like a commercial company, we also need to be and remain relevant, take our stakeholders into account and be financially sound. Traditional companies might already have a sense of social responsibility, but it isn’t really in their DNA yet. With us, it forms part of our mission, who we are. In turn, what we sometimes lack is the business responsibility."

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Elke Bossaert
Manager at Mobiel21
Elke Bossaert

"One of the most important insights I acquired was the importance of a clear focus. Get a super-clear picture of your core business and convey your USP effectively in your communication. You also need to know what other players are doing: not only does it help you to clarify your position in the market, it also helps you to make a financial difference. These are the kinds of insights which you read about, but at Vlerick you learn to actually apply them."

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Who can apply?

If your organisation is registered at https://www.goededoelen.be/ − a King Baudouin Foundation initiative − you can apply online. If you’re an international organisation based outside of Belgium, please get in touch with Farah Ajuimi for more information: farah.ajuimi@vlerick.com

To apply, you need to have managerial responsibilities – for example, you need to lead a team or be responsible for a budget. You also need to be able to show how participating in a Vlerick programme will help your organisation succeed.

Since 2010, Vlerick has offered 190 grants to non-profit organisations from Belgium and further afield – and we’ve approved 63% of applications.

What programmes can you apply for?

You can use a Social Profit Grant for any of our executive management programmes. You can’t use it to pay for Masters programmes, MBA programmes or events.

How do we award grants?

We evaluate your application and consider how the programme you’re applying for is relevant to your organisation.

We award a maximum of one grant per Vlerick programme per year. Up to two people from one organisation can receive a grant each year – and an individual can receive one grant every three years.

What does the grant cover?

The grant pays your programme fee. You or your organisation will need to cover the catering costs. These costs are €100 per day for long term programmes (incl. evening activities, excl. accommodation costs) and €50 per day for short term programmes. No costs will be charged for fully online programme.

Ready to apply?

Fill out the the application form and e-mail it to: farah.ajuimi@vlerick.com
If you have any questions, please call +32 9 210 92 34

Application deadlines

Short-term programmes: Six weeks before the programme starts. We’ll let you know if you’ve been successful four weeks before the start date.
Long-term programmes: 12 weeks before the programme starts. We’ll let you know if you’ve been successful 10 weeks before the start date.
Note: If multiple applicants apply for the same programme, Vlerick reserves the right to select the applicant who will have the most impact on his/her organisation after participating in the programme.

Frequently asked questions

Please click here for the FAQ.

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