Frank Goedertier


Frank Goedertier is Head of the Consumer Marketing, Retail & Branding cluster, and acts as Programme Director of the ‘Master in Marketing Management’ degree programme and the ‘Brand Management & Communication’ open-enrollment programmes.

In his academic work he starts from a customer psychology and consumer behaviour perspective. His recent work focuses on branding strategies, product innovation adoption, digital marketing strategies, psychological pricing tactics, and how customers cope with information overload.

In his PhD dissertation Frank Goedertier studied how brands can facilitate companies to increase the acceptance and perceived novelty of product innovations.

He regularly presents his academic work at the yearly European Marketing Conference and the North-American Academy of Consumer Research Conference, and has published in academic journals such as Marketing Letters, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Human Resources Management and the Journal of Consumer Marketing.

In the past he received the Henkel price awarding the ‘Student of the Year’ of the Master in Marketing Management programme of Vlerick Business school. In 2011 he received the ‘Best Paper’ award at Said Business School (Oxford) – Academy of Marketing’s Corporate Brand, Reputation and Corporate Identity SIG conference.


Job Title : Associate Professor of Marketing

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales

Teaching in
Masters in Marketing Management
Masters in General Management

Expert in
Consumer Behaviour
Brand Management
Marketing & Sales
Product Innovations
Marketing Communication
Consumer Psychology


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • De Stobbeleir K. De Clippeleer I. Canniels M. Goedertier F. Deprez J. De Vos A. Buyens D.  forthcoming. The inside effects of a strong external employer brand: how external perceptions can influence organizational absenteeism rates. International Journal of Human Resource Management,

  • Weijters B. Goedertier F.  2016. Understanding today’s music acquisition mix: a latent class analysis of consumers’ combined use of music platforms. Marketing Letters, 27(3): 603-610.

  • Goedertier F. Dawar N. Geuens M. Weijters B.  2015. Brand typicality and distant novel extension acceptance: how risk-reduction counters low category fit. Journal of Business Research, 68(1): 157-165.

  • Weijters B. Goedertier F. Verstreken S.  2014. Online music consumption in today's technological context: putting the influence of ethics in perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 124(4): 537-550.

  • Goedertier F. Geskens K. Geuens M. Weijters B.  2012. Increasing Choice Satisfaction through Goal-Based Labeling. Marketing Letters, 23(1): 119-136.

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Goedertier F. Weijters B. Gorissen K.  2016. The impact of 'Known Value Item' (KVI) Prices on product price perceptions and expectations. Advances in Consumer Research, 44: 460-460.

  • Goedertier F.  2008. Employer branding. HR Magazine, (October)

  • De Wulf K. Odekerken-Schröder G. Goedertier F. Van Ossel G.  2005. Consumer Perceptions of store brands versus national brands. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 22(4): 223-232.

Book Chapters

  • Goedertier F.  2006. De werknemer als merkambassadeur. Schuilt het geheim van een duurzaam concurrentieel voordeel voortaan in de magische vijfde P van People?. (pp. 190-196). Roularta Media Group.

  • Goedertier F.  2006. Employees acting as Brand Ambassadors. 

Conference Presentations

  • Goedertier F. Weijters B. Gorissen K.  2016. The impact of ‘Known Value Item’ (KVI) prices on product price perceptions and expectations. Paper presented at at ACR 2016 - 44th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, October 27-30, Berlin, Germany.

  • Goedertier F. Weijters B. Geskens K.  2016. The effect of the displayed product assortment price range on perceived discount value. Paper presented at at EMAC 2016 –45th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 23-27, Oslo, Norway.

  • Moens M. Muylle S. Goedertier F.  2015. PARIS: Personalized Advertisements Built From Web Sources. Paper presented at EMAC 2015 - 44th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 26-29, Leuven, Belgium.

  • De Berti F. Muylle S. Goedertier F.  2015. PARIS study: Personality-matched online advertising. Paper presented at at the 44th European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference, May 26-29, Leuven, Belgium.

  • Goedertier F. Weijters B. Gorissen K.  2015. The Influence of Reference Product Prices on Other Price Perceptions: Contrast and Assimilation Effects. Paper presented at EMAC 2015 - 44th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 26-29, Leuven, Belgium.

  • Canniëls D. De Stobbeleir K. De Clippeleer I. Buyens D. Goedertier F.  2014. How the internal and external employer image affect absenteeism. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 1-5, Philadelphia, United States.

  • Goedertier F. Geskens K. Carpenter G.  2013. How brands shape newness perceptions. Paper presented at ACR 2013: Making a difference, October 3-6, Chicago, United States.

  • Goedertier F. Dawar N. Weijters B.  2011. Do prototypical brands facilitate or impede the introduction of novel extensions?. Paper presented at 7th Academy of Marketing’s Corporate Brand, Reputation and Corporate Identity SIG conference, April 5-7, Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Geskens K. Goedertier F. Geuens M. Weijters B.  2011. Facilitating consumer choice through goal-based labels. Paper presented at 40th European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference, May 24-27, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Geskens K. Goedertier F. Weijters B. Geuens M.  2011. How Goal-Based Labels Drive Choice and Choice Satisfaction. Paper presented at Annual North American Conference, October 13-16, St. Louis, MO, United States.

  • De Stobbeleir K. De Clippeleer I. Goedertier F. Buyens D. Deprez J.  2011. In the Eye of the beholder: the impact of the match between the internal and external employer image on employer trustworthiness. Paper presented at 15th conference of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, May 25-28, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

  • De Stobbeleir K. De Vos A. Goedertier F. Deprez J. De Clippeleer I.  2011. Which employers are trustworthy? The impact of the match between the external and internal employer image on perceived trustworthiness of employers.. Paper presented at 15th European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), May 25-28, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

  • Goedertier F. Dawar N. Weijters B.  2010. Do prototypical brands facilitate or impede the introduction of novel extensions?. Paper presented at 7th Global Brand Conference, April 5-7, Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • Goedertier F. Geuens M. Weijters B. Geskens K.  2010. The positive effect of goal-based labeling on choice satisfaction. Paper presented at 4th German-French-Austrian conference on quantitative marketing, September 16-18, Vienna, Austria.

  • Zeugner-Roth K.P. Geskens K. Goedertier F. Weijters B.  2010. The relative importance of customer-company congruity in determining employer attractiveness: an examination. Paper presented at 6th International Conference of the AM's Brand, Identity and Corporate reputation SIG, April 9-11, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Goedertier F. Dawar N. Geuens M.  2009. Do prototypical brands help or hinder new product acceptance?. Paper presented at 38th European Marketing Academy (EMAC), May 26-29, Nantes, France.

  • De Wulf K. Schillewaert N. Muylle S. Goedertier F. Zegers D.  2002. Towards an Integrative Measure of E-Commerce Effectiveness. Paper presented at 31st Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 28-31, Braga, Portugal.

Conference Proceedings

  • Verstreken S. Weijters B. Goedertier F.  2012. The age of online music piracy: why do youngsters download more illegally and are less willing to pay?. In: EMAC Conference Proceeding: Marketing to Citizens Going beyond Customers and consumers Lisbon:

  • Goedertier F. Weijters B. Geuens M. Dawar N.  2010. Do prototypical brands help or hinder new product acceptance?. Copenhagen:

  • Goedertier F. Dawar N. Weijters B. Geuens M.  2010. Does brand prototypicality help or hinder consumer acceptance of distant new-to-the-world branded product innovations?. Copenhagen:

Doctoral dissertation

  • Goedertier F.  2009. Brand typicality and the adoption of new products. 

Research reports

  • De Berti F. Goedertier F.  2015. What do millennials expect from their bank?. Vlerick Centre for Financial Services (CFSI). (40 p.)

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