Öykü Isik


Öykü Işık is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick. She holds an BSc degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (2002) and an MBA degree (2005) from Istanbul Bilgi University. She earned her PhD degree in Business Computer Information Systems (2010) from the University of North Texas. Before she joined Vlerick, Öykü has taught Information Systems courses at the University of North Texas and Istanbul Bilgi University.

Öykü’s main research interests are in the fields of data privacy & protection, Business Intelligence (BI) & analytics, and Business process management (BPM). She has been actively involved with the BPM Network, a Centre for Excellence on business process management, where she conducted research as well as teaching activities. Öykü is currently involved in research for business initiatives in collaboration with corporate partners at Vlerick, especially about data privacy and related topics.

At Vlerick, her main teaching duties concentrate on digital disruption, BPM, data privacy and protection both in the degree programmes (Masters and MBA) and in executive programmes.


Expert in
Management Information Systems
ICT Management
Business intelligence
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Decision Support Systems
Organisational Impacts of Information Systems


Articles in refereed journals with impact

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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Conference Presentations

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Conference Proceedings

Doctoral dissertation

  • Isik Ö.  2011. Business Intelligence Success: An Empirical Evaluation of the Role of BI Capabilities and the Decision Environment.. 

Research reports

  • Isik Ö. Dupire M.  2016. Policy Paper 5: Protecting customer privacy in the financial sector. CFSI. (33 p.)

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Vlerick cases

  • Viaene S. Isik Ö.  2012. Corporate IT transformation at BARCO. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 912-035-1 (C).